Joe Biden is stewing in rage over what Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced

greg abbott

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has had it with Joe Biden’s games. He’s taking Biden head on.

And now Joe Biden is stewing in rage over what Texas Governor Greg Abbott just announced.

Joe Biden has left southern states hanging high and dry in trying to defend themselves against the influx of record levels of illegal immigration coming from the southern border.

The Biden administration’s approach to the issue has largely been to do nothing at all, making it easier than ever for individuals with phony claims of asylum to enter into the United States.

This has forced Republicans in the southern states to take matters into their own hands, like flying and bussing illegal immigrants to so-called “sanctuary cities” controlled by Democrats where the illegal immigrants are supposedly welcome.

Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott is one of those individuals who has had enough of Joe Biden’s failures. He’s taking the immigration head on.

His latest move is sure to infuriate Biden because he’s exposing how incompetent the Biden administration truly is.

On Thursday, Governor Greg Abbott of Texas stated that the state would be erecting “marine floating barriers” in the Rio Grande River to prevent illegal immigration.

New barriers will be installed in high-traffic areas for illegal crossings; the first will go up in the area of Eagle Pass, which Texas DPS chief Steven McCraw has called “the center of gravity for smuggling.”

When attempted to be climbed, the inflatable balls spin, “making it more difficult to cross the Rio Grande and reach the Texas side of the southern border,” Abbott’s office claimed in a press release.

The buoys will be put in place “pretty much immediately.”

“We’re securing the border at the border. What these buoys will allow us to do is to prevent people from even getting to the border,” Abbott said at a press conference.

McCraw claims that the “webbing” that will be placed under the buoys will further hinder swimmers from dodging them.

On Thursday, Abbott signed six legislation aimed at bolstering border security and giving law enforcement “new tools” to combat illegal immigration.

Democrats love to talk about being the party of “common-sense legislation” but are completely incapable of getting any common-sense policies passed and implemented to secure the southern border.

But here we have Greg Abbott actually walking the walk, not just talking the talk.

If the next President actually works with the leaders in the southern states like Texas, then they could actually make some progress to finally get the southern border to a point where it is basically fully secure.

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