Joe Biden just got absolutely wild news about his re-election campaign

Joe Biden

President Biden only recently announced his re-election campaign. But it may already be dead in the water.

Because Joe Biden just got absolutely wild news about his re-election campaign.

It’s well-known now that Joe Biden is on extremely shaky ground with regard to support from his own Democrat base.

Polls have shown that not only do Americans overwhelmingly not want Joe Biden to run for President again, but a majority of his own Democrat base don’t want him to either.

This was on display recently as a major Leftist billionaire made it clear that he was not supporting Joe Biden for President.

Instead, he’d be supporting Joe Biden’s top opponent, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Billionaire and former CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, sent off a tweet sharing a video from Fox News about whether Robert F. Kennedy could beat Biden, Trump, and DeSantis in 2024.

Dorsey simply said, “He can and will.”

When asked if he was simply endorsing Robert F. Kennedy Jr. or outright predicting that Kennedy would win, Dorsey said that he was doing “both.”

Initially, Joe Biden and his fellow Democrat establishment lackeys brushed off the announcement of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. running for President as a Democrat.

But it’s starting to looking a lot worse for Joe Biden than he wants to admit.

Kennedy started out with support from Democrat voters in the single digits. Today, he is enjoying a surge in support with some polls showing that as many as 20% of Democrat voters plan to vote for Kennedy over Biden.

Now, with Kennedy picking up support from a major billionaire like Dorsey, that number is only certain to swell in the coming months.

It could get worse for Joe Biden and the Democrat establishment if they insist on not having any debates as the general public may view that as Biden obviously trying to avoid being obliterated on stage by his opponents like Kennedy.

Is Kennedy likely to win? Probably not. Even if he did, he would still have to get by the likes of either Trump or DeSantis, which would be even more difficult than beating Biden in the primaries.

But it’s certainly interesting seeing the possibility of Biden losing a nomination as an incumbent President.

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