Joe Biden’s doctor went pale as a ghost after seeing what happened to the president

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Questions are swirling around Joe Biden’s fitness for office. It’s getting harder to hide his obvious deterioration.

And Joe Biden’s doctor went pale as a ghost after seeing what happened to the president.

Joe Biden and his wife Jill have been fighting against the truth that Joe Biden isn’t what he once was.

At 80 years old, Biden is the oldest sitting president and will be the oldest to run if he seeks a second term.

Conservatives have noted his freefall in mental and physical faculties.

Whether it was calling out for the late Rep. Jackie Walorski during a speech a month after her death…

Or his ability to walk up the stairs of Air Force One, there is no doubt he’s struggling.

But he left no room for speculation after making a bizarre statement in a recent speech.

During a rambling address in Philadelphia meant to celebrate the release of his annual budget proposal — which includes key components of his re-election campaign platform — Biden referred to himself as “400” years old.

“As you can tell, I’ve only been around a few years — like 400,” Biden said jokingly after declaring he’d “never been more optimistic about America’s future than I am today.”

Biden is already the oldest president in history, but he is preparing for a rematch with Trump, who is 76.

If he serves his entire second term, he will be 86 years old.

“I had a big fight with the former president — and maybe future president,” Biden said, adding as the audience booed, “Bless me, Father.”

“The big fight you may remember going on was was our good friend, the former president, decided all the inspectors general … he fired them all.

“I said, ‘You shouldn’t do that.’ Well, guess what? Now we’re finding out there’s billions of [COVID-19 relief] dollars were stolen.”

During his 53-minute speech, Biden wandered off script several times, beginning with a shout-out to Sen. John Fetterman (D-Pa.), who has been hospitalized since Feb. 15 for mental depression after having enduring hearing impairments since a stroke last May.

“John, if you could hear this at all, we’re with you, pal,” Biden said.

The president, who last year pushed through a $369 billion package of environmental projects, including electric vehicle subsidies — after blocking the construction of oil pipelines and new drilling projects — also predicted that the United States’ reliance on oil as an energy source would end in the near future.

“We’re gonna still need oil for the next 10 to 15 years,” Biden said — giving a more specific timeframe than in last month’s State of the Union address to Congress, when he said that “we’re going to need oil for at least another decade.”

Biden spoke shortly after White House officials revealed his budget proposals, which called for $5.5 trillion in tax increases over ten years, primarily on the wealthy and corporations.

Yet, that proposal has no chance of succeeding in the Republican-controlled House.

Biden and House Republicans are at odds over expanding the nation’s borrowing ceiling later this year, with conservatives demanding spending cuts in exchange for agreeing to increase the national debt.

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