Kamala Harris smacked Republicans with news that has them fearing for the worst

kamala harris

The GOP can’t afford another four years of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. They’ve both made a negative impact on the country in less than three years in office.

And Kamala Harris smacked Republicans with news that has them fearing for the worst.

Vice President Kamala Harris has taken a rather confident approach when discussing the 2024 presidential election.

She believes that despite poor poll numbers, she and President Joe Biden will likely win a second term because of their alleged accomplishments.

“We have a lot of good material. Our challenge will just be to remind people who brung it to them,” Harris stated.

“When people want to talk about the polls, on and on about the polls, let me tell you, everything we have accomplished is highly, highly popular with the American people.”

“We just got to remind them who did it. And we all did it. And that’s what we are going to do over the next 11 months. And we are going to win,” she added.

Not only does she believe that she and Biden will win in 2024, she also believes that leaders across the world want her to win as well.

In fact, at a recent fundraising event, Harris told donors this exact thing.

“The first thing, I’m not kidding you, that each one of them said – the first thing they said: ‘We hope you’re going to win,'” the vice president said.

“But out of self-interest. Out of self-interest, because of what they know the future of our country means and represents for the future of their countries.”

“We walk in those rooms chin up, shoulders back, with the self-appointed and earned authority to talk about the importance of democracy, rule of law. People around the world are watching what is happening in our country right now,” she continued.

Perhaps world leaders want Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to win because they know an “America First” approach won’t occur like it did under former President Donald Trump.

Foreign leaders know they can take advantage of the weak Biden administration who shells out taxpayer funds to Ukraine, and even Iran who’s known to back terrorist organizations.

So, it’s not necessarily a matter of democracy, but of self-interest for these countries which surprisingly, Harris was intelligent enough to somewhat realize.

And for Republicans, they now have to worry about the Biden administration using this new information from Harris as a potential campaign boost.

Without a doubt Democrats and the Biden campaign will tout the fact that alleged world leaders want them to succeed in 2024.

What they’ll fail to realize is that they want them to succeed for all the wrong reasons.

But predictably, President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris will be too busy with their heads in the clouds to be aware of this fact.

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