Leftist Governor just spat in the face of millions of Americans with this latest ruling

Governor Maura Healey

Democrats only seem interested in destroying the lives of their constituents. It’s pretty much the only thing they’re good at.

And this Leftist Governor just spat in the face of millions of Americans with this latest ruling.

Illegal immigration in this country is on a meteoric rise.

That’s thanks to President Joe Biden and his administration who have brought about a border crisis at the United States’ southern border with Mexico.

To make things worse, there are some Democrat governors who are complicit in helping worsen this illegal immigration crisis through the policies they propose and enact.

Governor Maura Healey (D-MA) is one of those governors. Just recently she signed a state budget that will provide $426 million for housing of illegal aliens.

Massachusetts is known as a sanctuary state and they have a “right to shelter” law. This law makes the government find ways to temporarily house those who are homeless.

And since the nation has suffered a border crisis ever since Biden entered office, Massachusetts has had to spend millions to help house illegal migrants under their “right to shelter” law.

By 2025, it will cost the state one billion dollars to house illegals, according to Breitbart News.

CBS News also reports that there are one million immigrants who are currently in the Bay State.

All of these factors have led to legal citizens leaving the blue state.

In fact, Massachusetts is one of the worst states when it comes to it’s citizens moving out.

Does the Left realize what they’re doing when they sign these ridiculous laws and budgets into place?

It’s almost like they’re purposefully trying to destroy their own state’s economy among other things.

Michael Lind of Compact magazine referred to the replacement of legal citizens with illegal immigrants as a Ponzi scheme for immigration.

“An international migration Ponzi scheme is the only thing that averts a demographic doom loop for cities like New York and San Francisco,” Lind said back in September of 2023.

Perhaps it’s time that Leftist voters realize the consequences of their actions when they go and vote for a radical governor that seems to only care about illegal aliens instead of the actual citizens who are wanting to pack up and leave the state.

But in the name of wokeism, they’ll likely continue to vote for these Democrat politicians that only seek to cause destruction with their horrendous policies.

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