Leftist Supreme Court Justice calls it quits in a shocking announcement

Justice Ann Walsh Bradley

Democrats want to try and pack the Supreme Court with all liberal justices. But now they’re about to lose one from the bench.

And this Leftist Supreme Court Justice calls it quits in a shocking announcement.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court got stunning news this past Wednesday as one it’s longest-serving Leftist justices announced their retirement.

Justice Ann Walsh Bradley will not run for reelection in 2025 to the state’s Supreme Court because of her age.

Bradley is currently 73-years-old and would be 85 by the time she left the bench should she win another term.

“My decision has not come lightly,” Bradley said in a statement announcing her retirement.

“It is made after careful consideration and reflection. I know I can do the job and do it well. I know I can win reelection, should I run.”

“But, it’s just time to pass the torch, brining fresh perspectives to the court.”

Justice Bradley was the first woman justice elected to the Wisconsin Supreme Court. She was first elected to the bench in 1995.

Her retirement comes a year after Justice Janet Protasiewicz was elected to the state’s court.

Protasiewicz, a liberal, was able to win and give the Left a 4-3 majority in Wisconsin for the first time in almost 20 years.

$50 million was spent on that election as Republicans and Democrats were desperate to obtain a majority on the court.

This past December, the Supreme Court in the Badger State ruled against election maps that favored the Republicans.

They also plan on listening to arguments that are in favor of reversing a 2022 ban by Republican justices on drop boxes for voting that were available in 2020.

Voting drop boxes have been of controversy in the past few years as the GOP base believes that it’s an unsecure way for Americans to cast their ballots.

Wisconsin also has a law that makes abortion illegal in every case except when the mother’s life needs to be saved. That law has been appealed to the Wisconsin Supreme Court however.

If Republicans aren’t able to win Protasiewicz’s seat in 2025, then liberals will continue to maintain a majority on the state’s high court.

That would mean pro-life laws would get cut as well as other laws that would help conservatives overall.

And if the GOP isn’t able to win the 2025 Supreme Court election, then they won’t have another shot to do so until 2028.

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