Police chiefs give Donald Trump bad news he wasn’t expecting

Donald Trump

Former President Donald Trump has been a champion of the law enforcement community. That’s what makes this news surprising.

Because Police chiefs have given Donald Trump the bad news he was not expecting at all.

There’s seemingly only two people who have a significant chance to win the Republican nomination for President unless something crazy and unforeseen happens.

Those two men are none other than Donald Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Polls show that Trump leads Ron DeSantis somewhat comfortably in the critical early primary states, but he knows he can’t rest on his laurels.

States like Iowa and New Hampshire that are critical to winning the Republican primary nomination are showing some wild results everytime the Republicans in those regions are polled.

Then there’s also the elephant in the room known as Florida. Should Ron DeSantis be able to win his home state, that will prove to be a big get in his bid to beat Trump.

Yet even Florida seems razor-thin and back and forth in the polls.

Ron DeSantis just got a big win in the state though that came from Police chiefs that Donald Trump didn’t see coming.

This week, Ron DeSantis was endorsed by the Florida Police Chiefs Association exclusively.

“The Florida Police Chiefs Association is honored to fully endorse Gov. DeSantis for President of the United States of America,” the President of the Florida Police Chiefs Association said in an official statement.

He highlighted that DeSantis has been “committed” to defending the law enforcement community and enforcing the law.

“From his commitment to safe communities and defending the rule of law to his unwavering support for the profession of law enforcement through better pay and recruiting bonuses, Gov. DeSantis backs the blue.”

The Florida Police Chiefs Association is the top law enforcement organization in the entire Sunshine State.

“The Florida Police Chiefs Association is the nation’s pre-eminent law enforcement professional association, speaking for over 1,300 of Florida’s top law enforcement executives and members, and providing guidance and leadership for the future of law enforcement and our communities,” the organization’s website reads.

In the announcement of the endorsement, the organization says that Ron DeSantis’ efforts like the Florida Law Enforcement Recruitment Bonus Program have directly led to more officers signing up for service in the state.

They also highlighted the legislation that DeSantis signed into law that funded more recruitment for law enforcement agencies.

What’s so significant about this endorsement is that Trump was the first person to ever receive the association’s endorsement for President back in 2020.

Now the association is flipping to Ron DeSantis, offering just their second Presidential endorsement ever.

It will be very interesting to see what happens in Florida over the next twelve months as it comes to the race for the Republican nomination.

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