Potential Trump running mate issues a grave warning to Vice President Kamala Harris

Tim Scott & Trump

Republicans are ready to kick Biden and Harris out of office. That’s especially true of Donald Trump and his campaign.

As a potential Trump running mate issued a grave warning to Vice President Kamala Harris.

Over the last several months former President Donald Trump has given out names of candidates who could be his future running mate.

One of those names is Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC).

Scott, who was previously a candidate in the 2024 presidential race, expressed his desire to debate Vice President Kamala Harris.

The senator made the comments while interviewing on an episode of Newsmax’s “Eric Bolling The Balance.”

“[Biden] made a mistake with Kamala Harris when he chose her,” Scott said to host, Eric Bolling.

“He also made a mistake with Kamala Harris when he made her the border czar. I can’t think of someone who spent less time on the border than Kamala Harris.”

“What we know is we love to debate her about the crisis at our border. We’d love to debate her about the 70,000 Americans who lost their lives because Joe Biden has allowed our southern border to be insecure, unsafe, and wide open.”

Scott then started using “I” instead of “we” when talking about challenging the vice president to a debate.

“I’d love to debate her on the economy. I’d love to debate her about our streets,” he continued.

“And I’d love to debate her about why it is that Donald Trump signed the monumental opportunity zone legislation that brought in $70 billion to the poorest communities and what has Joe Biden and Kamala Harris done for the poorest communities? Nada.”

Sen. Scott is already heavily rumored to be Trump’s potential pick for VP.

But this latest interview only enhances those rumors.

Not only that, but it shows just how willing Scott and the Trump campaign are to debate Kamala Harris.

She’s widely viewed as one of the worst politicians of all time.

And just like President Joe Biden, she has a habit of jumbling up her words when speaking in public.

So on that note, Tim Scott would likely be able to destroy her in any debate.

But as of now, we’ll have to wait and see if the senator is indeed Trump’s ultimate pick for his VP.

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