President Biden’s secret lifeline is about to be cut loose

Joe Biden

Everyone knows Joe Biden is barely hanging on. His time is coming to an end.

And now President Biden’s secret lifeline is about to be cut loose.

You would think that someone at the age of 80 years old might have a hard time connecting with younger voters, and typically you’d be right.

But, surprisingly, Joe Biden turned out more of the youth vote in 2020 than he was initially expected to.

The college-age bloc proved vital for Joe Biden as he just barely got by with his “win” (wink wink) over former President Donald Trump.

Some political polling experts say that Donald Trump didn’t do enough to reach young voters in the 2020 election, while others say that it’s just a symptom of the college institutions growing more and more radical in recent years.

Whatever the issue may be, Republicans need to address it and fix it fast.

Ron DeSantis seems to be taking that issue extremely seriously according to the most recent reports from his campaign.

Reports from the Washington Examiner noted that the Ron DeSantis PAC Never Back Down will have reached 37 states to create over 100 different chapters of Students for DeSantis.

“There is incredible energy from young voters and college students for Ron DeSantis, enabling us to rapidly set up new chapters, recruit more and more volunteers, and really hit the ground running in our efforts to help elect Gov. DeSantis as our next President,” Marcel Teloma, the director of Students for DeSantis, shared with the media.

Teloma alleges that Ron DeSantis has a stronger college and university campus presence than any other Republican candidate right now.

“With 100 chapters across 37 states and counting, we are thrilled to head into the fall semester with a stronger presence than any other candidate-affiliated group in the GOP primary. Working alongside established conservative groups on campuses, like College Republicans, we’ll continue to grow our recruitment and mobilization in support of Gov. DeSantis,” Teloma continued.

Students for DeSantis also noted that they have nine chapters in key battleground states.

They say there are at least four chapters in the state of South Carolina at the campuses of Clemson University, Charleston College, Furman University, and the University of South Carolina.

The crucial primary state of Iowa also has three chapters of Students for DeSantis that are at Drake University, the University of Iowa, as well as Northern Iowa University.

This could, overall, end up being a major play for Ron DeSantis in his battle to win the 2024 Presidential election.

It may help him claw back the support he needs to give Donald Trump a run for his money in the Republican primary race. A number of polls have already shown that Trump’s support in critical states like New Hampshire seems to be fading. And we all know how polls can be tough to trust months and months ahead of an election.

Not only that, but this would prove to be huge in a hypothetical match-up against incumbent President Joe Biden come November 2024.

As we noted already, Joe Biden apparently did quite well with the college-age voters in the 2020 election. You have to factor that into your campaign strategy for the general election season.

If Ron DeSantis manages to beat Donald Trump to win the Republican nomination, it will have been because he made inroads with the college-age voting bloc that he thinks Donald Trump could improve on.

That would set him up well against a race against Joe Biden since that voting bloc is apparently his secret political lifeline.

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