Presidential candidate accused of fraud in an insane turn of events

robert f. kennedy jr

The 2024 election is still about half a year away. But that’s not stopping the surprises from heavily rolling in.

And this presidential candidate has been accused of fraud in an insane turn of events.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has been running a formidable independent campaign for president.

He’s polling in the low double digits nationally and has claimed that because of his polling numbers he should be on the debate stage with President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump this year.

But now Kennedy has hit a massive roadblock.

According to reports from the New York Post, Kennedy has listed a home in New York as his residence even though he doesn’t live there, doesn’t own the property, and the home is facing foreclosure.

Kennedy said he was registered at the 84 Croton Lake Road Katonah, New York when he voted in elections that took place from 2008 to 2020, according to records.

However, residents in that area have said that they were surprised that he ever said he lived in that home.

“Voting in someone else’s home doesn’t make the address you put down legitimate,” Jerry Goldfeder, an election lawyer, said to the New York Post.

“It sounds pretty questionable that it’s a bona fide residence. I imagine his New York petitions will be challenged in due course.”

Another election law attorney, John Ciampoli, shared similar sentiments, saying, “Someone is sprinkling the breadcrumbs for a residency challenge. They’re going to claim the residency on his petition [for president] is a false residency.”

According to New York law, presidential candidates who are independent have to file a petition that has 455,000 signatures by May 28. They also have to give their home address.

But when searches are made for the Katonah address that Kennedy subscribes to, he does not appear in any of those searches.

He does show up in address searches in Foxborough, Massachusetts, and Los Angeles, California.

In an effort to prove his residency, Kennedy’s campaign signaled to the New York Post that “84 Croton Road is Mr. Kennedy’s official address. He receives mail there. His driver’s license is registered there. His automobile is registered there. His voting registration is from there. His hunting, fishing, falconry, and wildlife rehabilitation licenses are from there. He pays rent to the owner.”

The campaign also noted, despite what records show, that Kennedy has officially used the Katonah address as his residence since just last June. Before that, his address was in Bedford, New York on Twin Lakes Road.

“When Mr. Kennedy announced his presidential candidacy, that landlord, worried about becoming embroiled in political controversy, asked Mr. Kennedy to find another residence,” the campaign stated.

“Mr. Kennedy’s best friend invited him to move into his Croton Lake Road residence in which Mr. Kennedy had been a frequent guest.”

Election lawyer Sarah Steiner says that proving any sort of fraud relating to Kennedy’s residency will be challenging.

She explains that since he’s vying for the presidency and not a local position or a state position, the importance of his true residency is not as crucial.

“It would be extremely difficult to attack his residency during a presidential race. I don’t doubt for a moment that he uses that house that much. But he’s not like you and me,” Steiner said.

Only time will tell if this issue proves to be a devastating blow towards Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s presidential bid.

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