Stunning resignation in the Democrat Party has the nation in disbelief

john kerry

There’s no shortage of surprise in politics. But this one wasn’t on anyone’s radar.

And a stunning resignation in the Democrat Party has the nation in disbelief.

President Joe Biden and his campaign are currently all-hands-on-deck to try and win reelection this November.

And that has a member of his administration resigning to help with the reelection efforts.

United States climate envoy John Kerry, announced that he’s leaving his post to work with Biden’s campaign.

Kerry, who’s 80-years-old, is putting all his time into helping Biden achieve a second term in the Oval Office.

The former secretary of state will also remain climate envoy until around the beginning of Spring, according to sources close to Kerry’s plans.

Kerry believes that his work on the Biden campaign to get him re-elected, is the “single biggest” initiative to help combat against climate crises, according to Axios.

Breitbart News reports that Kerry is still planning on flying to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Flying around the world in jets is something that he’s accustomed too over the years.

Many have deemed Kerry a hypocrite over the years for creating his own carbon footprint by constantly flying to different locations to lecture people on how they should be taking better care of the environment.

His replacement has not been announced yet.

However, whoever that may be, could experience difficult questioning from Republicans during their confirmation.

Kerry’s so-called climate successes haven’t just occurred under President Biden.

During Barack Obama’s administration, then-Secretary of State Kerry helped put together the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement.

But currently as Biden’s climate czar, Kerry’s role really doesn’t provide any necessary progress or change.

Just like Vice President and border czar Kamala Harris, it’s hard to see how both of them offer any useful skills and assets to the presidential administration.

But that’s been the theme of Biden’s presidency so far.

Maybe John Kerry will be able to deliver some helpful guidance for Biden’s campaign, though the president shouldn’t hold his breath.

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