The Democrat Party is reeling after this billionaire stated four words that exposed them entirely

Mark Cuban

Vassals of the Democratic Party have long been supported by billionaires like George Soros. They depend on their financial resources to fund their extreme “progressive activism.”

And now the Democrat Party is reeling after this billionaire stated four words that exposed them entirely.

The Democrat Party is facing a serious issue.

Either they adopt the fanaticism of their radical “progressive” activist base and alienate the overwhelming majority of American voters, or they make an effort to curry favor with the populace while betraying their extreme base.

They have become more and more radical in recent years.

Now, you must fervently believe that children should be permitted to be castrated in the name of LGBT activism if you want to be a member of the Democratic Party.

The Left has gone so far, it’s insane.

Recently, liberal billionaire Mark Cuban exposed the Democrats’ ridiculous beliefs that wealthy people shouldn’t exist at all.

Which is a subject you’ll hear a lot of on the Left.

At a tech conference in Los Angeles, California, Mark Cuban criticized the Democrats for their vile plan to extort wealthy people for political benefit.

He even singled out Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren, a favorite of Democrats, as being particularly deplorable.

Cuban came right out and said, “screw you, Elizabeth Warren.”

As reported by Fox News:

He followed up by slamming progressives, with a special emphasis on Warren, who demonize or antagonize the wealthy.

“But, yeah, the idea of just ‘soak the rich, billionaire tears that fill that cup’ — screw you, Elizabeth Warren, you’re everything wrong with politics,” he declared.

Cuban made similar statements before during a Fox Business interview last year.

“I don’t have a problem paying more taxes, whether it’s business or personal,” he claimed at the time.

For the Democrats, Elizabeth Warren was a significant presidential candidate in 2020.

She is regarded as one of the senators on the Left who is best liked.

Democratic criticism of her overtly socialist and Marxist messaging is largely absent.

However, Mark Cuban’s criticism of her for spewing repulsive socialist rhetoric only serves to highlight how far the Democrat Party has drifted from the average American.

Normally, Mark Cuban would be too preoccupied hurling obscenities at Donald Trump all day to talk about mainstream Democrats.

You might also say that the Democratic Party as a whole is “everything wrong with politics” when you call her out on it.

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