The U.S. military just delivered devastating news to Joe Biden

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Biden has made a complete mess of the armed forces. And it’s only going to get worse.

Because the U.S. military just delivered devastating news to Joe Biden.

One of Biden’s first moves in office was to disastrously withdraw from Afghanistan.

Thanks to him, over a dozen US servicemen were killed in a bombing at the Kabul Airport.

And, after twenty years of war, the country was handed back to the Taliban on a silver platter.

Meanwhile, we’re also flushing billions of dollars down the toilet in a proxy war in Ukraine.

And China is encroaching on US interests in Asia.

What is Biden’s military response? That we can’t even clothe our soldiers.

A shortage of camouflage in the Marine Corps will force service members to wear less regulated uniforms in the near future.

Commandant Gen. Eric Smith addressed service members’ concerns about being unable to find and purchase woodland-patterned “cammies” due to an ongoing manufacturing shortage in an Instagram video.

He announced that as long as the problem persists, local members will be permitted to wear alternate uniforms that violate Marine Corps standards.

“That problem is going to stay with us until the fall of 2024 when the manufacturer can fill the backlog that has been created after COVID. Until that time, local commanders, battalions, and squadrons are authorized to use FROG [flame-resistant organizational gear] gear or [desert-colored] cammies to mitigate,” Smith said.

He added, “What we cannot have is a situation where a Marine is wearing unserviceable cammies, because that looks bad for the Corps, and we can’t have a situation where that Marine is being given a hard time about those unserviceable cammies. We’re going to get this fixed, but it’s going to take a little patience.”

Despite this announcement, desert cammies appear to be out of stock on the My Navy Exchange, the US Navy’s retail chain. According to the website, the desert cammies will be back in stock by fall 2024.

According to Marine Corps Times, the shortage was first reported in summer 2022 by spokesman Maj. John Parry.

Marine recruits are typically issued three utility uniforms in woodland and two in desert colors.

However, as of recently, Parry reported that recruits were given two woodland and one desert uniforms, with many new Marines training in FROG gear despite the fact that it was “designated for deployment issue only.”

On September 27, 2023, US Marines from Bravo Company, 3d Littoral Combat Team, 3d Marine Littoral Regiment, 3d Marine Division patrol on Kahuku Training Area in Hawaii during Force Design Integration Exercise (FDIE). (Photo by Lance Cpl. Blake Gonter, US Marine Corps)

“The guidance to battalion and squadron leaders and above is to make decisions that uphold the high standards of our service while maintaining mission readiness and reducing overall impact on daily operations,” Parry told Marine Corps Times in an emailed statement.

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