The White House received a dire warning from North Korea that has all hell breaking loose

north korea

The communist country of North Korea has been a threat to the free world for decades. Now they’re trying to show their force.

And the White House received a dire warning from North Korea that has all hell breaking loose.

On November 21, a surveillance satellite named Malligyong-1 was launched from North Korea according to news reports from the nation’s propaganda network, Korean Central News Agency (KCNA).

The launch of the satellite was obviously condemned by the United States, the United Nations, and South Korea.

Allegedly the satellite was able to take pictures of military bases in the U.S. and the White House, as well as other places around the world.

Kim Jong Un is reported to have viewed the pictures from Malligyong-1 according to KCNA.

“The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un saw the satellite photos of Rome of Italy taken at 17:56:28 on Nov. 25 (Pyongyang Time) and Anderson Air Force Base taken above Guam in the Pacific at 09:17:07 on Nov. 27 (Pyongyang Time) and pilot satellite images of other regions,” KCNA reported.

The North Korean dictator is also alleged to have seen pictures “in detail” of “the Norfolk Naval Station, the Newport News Dockyard and an airfield of Virginia, U.S., taken at 23:35:53 on Nov. 27 and the White House and the Pentagon of Washington and other objects at 23:36:25 on Nov. 27.”

Kim Jong Un was pleased with the satellite’s work and had “great satisfaction” over the whole ordeal according to KCNA.

While the launch of the Malligyong-1 satellite was confirmed by South Korea, North Korea has not yet showed any of the photos that were taken, leading to speculation over if they actually exist or not.

KCNA is working hard to convince the world that the satellite photos are real by announcing that “four U.S. Navy nuclear carriers and one British aircraft carrier,” were present in the pictures featuring U.S. military bases.

And less than a day after the satellite was launched, North Korea announced it had pictures of American military bases in Guam. South Korea was quick to shut down those reports as an “exaggeration.”

North Korea and Kim Jong Un aren’t planning to stop anytime soon with this alleged spying satellites.

In fact, the dictator plans for “many more reconnaissance satellites” that will “closely monitor and grasp the nature…of the U.S. imperialists.”

KCNA backed up these plans by reporting that “The launch of reconnaissance satellite is a legitimate right of the DPRK [North Korea] for strengthening its self-defensive capabilities and it will make a significant contribution to definitely ramping up the war preparedness of the armed forces in conformity with the security environment created in and around the country owing to the enemies’ dangerous military moves.”

While the photos of American military bases and the White House can’t be confirmed, it’s still a threat that the United States should take seriously.

American officials worry that the communist country could use satellite launches to further develop their nuclear missile program.

“The DPRK is unabashedly trying to advance its nuclear weapons delivery systems by testing ballistic missile technology in clear violation of this council’s resolutions,” said American Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield.

“This reckless unlawful behavior threatens all of the DPRK’s neighbors and all member states.”

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