The White House went up in flames over this massive new investigation

Joe Biden

Joe Biden and his ilk are running for cover. But there’s nowhere to hide this time.

And the White House went up in flames over this massive new investigation.

President Biden has been under constant fire from Republicans since before he ever took office.

The list of scandals is so long, it’s almost impossible to list.

From his troubled son’s business deals to influencing the 2020 election with the help of the FBI, it doesn’t get much worse for Biden.

And now his billionaire friends are the ones getting him into trouble.

President Biden and his extended family arrived late Friday for a weeklong Lake Tahoe vacation at billionaire climate investor Tom Steyer’s $18 million lakefront property.

Biden, 80, and his scandal-plagued son Hunter, 53, arrived at the six-bedroom Nevada home separately. Redfin describes it as “one of Lake Tahoe’s finest lakefront properties and the pinnacle waterfront estate within the gated Glenbrook community.”

The house has a “spectacular lakeside gazebo [that] rests between the park-like grounds and the calming shores of Glenbrook Bay,” according to the real estate website.

The president has previously taken free vacations at the houses of other famous Democrats, but the White House has stated that he would pay for his stay at Steyer’s three-acre estate.

“The First Family is renting a private home for their stay in Lake Tahoe,” a statement read.

“The home belongs to Tom Steyer and Kat Taylor. The First Family is renting the home for fair market value.”

The White House did not say how much Biden will pay for the house, and it’s unclear how such a private transaction could be verified unless the parties freely release the terms.

The president and first lady Jill Biden arrived in Nevada aboard Air Force One, together with first daughter Ashley Biden, Hunter’s kids Maisy and Naomi, and Naomi’s husband Peter Neal.

Hunter, his wife Melissa Cohen, and their three-year-old son Beau “flew separately on a commercial flight” and were “already at the residence awaiting the rest of the family, according to the White House,” according to a pool report.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) stated earlier this month that Republicans are getting closer to beginning an impeachment investigation into the president’s alleged engagement in his son’s business dealings in China and Ukraine when the elder Biden was vice president.

On July 31, Hunter’s former business partner Devon Archer testified before the House Oversight Committee that Joe Biden dined at least twice with his son’s Ukrainian, Russian, and Kazakhstani associates, had coffee with his son’s Chinese partner in a state-backed investment fund, and was put on speakerphone during approximately 20 business meetings.

Hunter Biden might face a trial for alleged tax fraud and other offenses after a probation-only plea agreement was rejected by a federal court last month.

On August 11, Delaware US Attorney David Weiss, whose office was accused by IRS inspectors of obstructing the investigation of leads incriminating Joe Biden, was upgraded to special counsel, increasing his investigative and charging authority.

Redfin estimates Steyer’s Lake Tahoe property is worth $18.1 million. According to county records, the millionaire paid $15 million for the home in 2007.

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