This governor’s secret identity was just exposed in a bombshell report

Kimberly Reynolds

It’s hard to keep secrets as a politician. This leader found that out the hard way.

And this governor’s secret identity was just exposed in a bombshell report.

The Republican Governor of Iowa, Kim Reynolds, is a strong supporter of Republican presidential candidate, Ron DeSantis.

Her support is so strong that she’s used a secret X account, where she bashes former President Donald Trump and praises DeSantis.

The name of the account, @Kimberl26890376, had “Kimberly Reynolds” as the username and had a photo of Reynolds as the profile picture.

The account was suspended last Thursday after it’s existence was reported by the New York Times.

The secret account on had 259 followers and was in no way linked to Gov. Reynolds official account or her personal account.

It also in no way made it seem as though it was Reynolds herself who was running the account.

So far, the office of the Iowa governor has not responded to a request for a comment from the New York Post.

Almost all of the posts from the @Kimberl26890376 account came in the last few months.

And most of them are about the Republican primary.

One of the posts she retweeted, was a meme that showed a contrast between DeSantis posing for a picture with his family, and Trump posing with young women.

Predictably, Reynolds has been heavily scrutinized for her alternate account.

If she really wanted to successfully create a burner account that shared posts of support for DeSantis, then she shouldn’t have used Kimberly as the username, as well as a picture of herself.

Social media users are very savvy with figuring out who’s hiding behind a certain account.

And it looks like Reynolds was the latest person to be caught.

Hopefully for her and Ron DeSantis, this incident doesn’t hurt him too much in the polls

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