This group of Americans are absolutely disgusted after President Biden’s complete disregard of them

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Joe Biden is lying when he says he cares about all Americans. His recent actions show that not all U.S. citizens are important to him.

And this group of Americans are absolutely disgusted after President Biden’s complete disregard of them.

Joe Biden and his administration have recently put together new regulations for Title IX which will require schools to use proper pronouns for transgender individuals. Title IX put in place in 1972 and it’s purpose was to stop discrimination against women in education and federal programs.

But under the new Title IX regulations, men who identify as women would be allowed into women’s spaces in education, such as athletics or even locker rooms/bathrooms.

This move by the Biden admin has caused quite the uproar, especially among women who are growing increasingly worried about men who identify as women infiltrating their spaces in athletics.

But now, in an effort to pander to women, Biden has come out to say that he wants to help “grow women’s sports.”

“As a nation, we need to support women’s sports by showing up in person and watching on TV – with more sponsorships and programming,” the president said in a post on X.

“Not just during championships. But all year round. Let’s grow women’s sports and continue inspiring the nation.”

His post was quickly met with criticism by people who spotted his hypocrisy on this issue.

“Joe Biden has ruined women’s sports with his unconstitutional rewrite of Title IX. He says men can be women. For him to now say he supports women’s sports is gaslighting. Shame on him,” one X user said.


“How are you supporting women’s sports by allowing men to play in them?” one user questioned the president.

In 2020, President Biden was able to perform pretty well among women. He gathered 55% of the female vote compared to 44% for Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election, according to Pew Research.

But now things may change for Biden based off his admin’s Title IX rewrite.

He may no longer be able to get a large chunk of women voters to cast their ballot for him this November because of his betrayal of them.

What woman would want to vote for a president who’s been trying to destroy their spaces, specifically through school athletics, and then lie about being concerned about women’s sports?

Joe Biden could very well lose any chance of being reelected thanks to his administration basically ripping Title IX to shreds.

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