This video of Joe Biden holding on for dear life is hard to watch

joe biden

Something very concerning is going on with Joe Biden. Americans are scared.

As this video of Joe Biden holding on for dear life is simply hard to watch.

Joe Biden’s suitability for office is being questioned once again with the release of yet another odd video.

Biden and Democratic Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer were seen in a video broadcast by C-SPAN on its TikTok website on Friday as they made their way to the weekly Senate Democrats Luncheon.

But, there was an oddity in the footage. Biden was first holding to Schumer’s arm as they made their way slowly to lunch. Then Biden let go, but he continued to walk with an almost confused expression on his face.


President Biden and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) walk to the weekly Senate Democratic luncheon on Capitol Hill Thursday. #potus #joebiden #chuckschumer #capitolhill #uscapitol #politics #cspan

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Many others immediately commented on how the video looked, stating that it didn’t look like the leader of the free world but rather like a weak old guy who couldn’t walk and was being helped to get somewhere.

Some people were more somber about it, calling it tragic and claiming it represented what was happening to our country. One Twitter user said most simply, “It’s sad to watch.”

This is the main issue at hand. It is more crucial than ever that our leaders provide a picture of strength to the country and the rest of the globe as we approach World War III with strong enemies.

Yet this, along with other films showing Biden having trouble moving around, not to mention his countless blunders, simply gives the country the appearance of being a helpless laughingstock.

Even while it’s possible that Biden wasn’t genuinely having trouble walking and was clinging on Schumer for other reasons, the situation doesn’t help the perception.

That is the main insight to take to heart here. Regardless of the situation, this only makes America appear weak.

This is in deep contrast to the way the rest of the world is trying to strengthen themselves and give off the appearance of robust power.

China is growing their military, particularly their navy, at an alarming rate and is heating up their rhetoric against Taiwan and the United States every single day.

Russia has been relentless in their war against Ukraine and has indicated that they have no respect for the major western powers like the United States.

And lately, Iran has become a priority problem as they have admitted to enriching Uranium to levels needed to build nuclear weapons.

Something they weren’t supposed to be doing under Barack Obama’s awful Iran Deal.

On the other hand, America is giving off a perception of being particularly vulnerable right now with our White House becoming a laughingstock.

Joe Biden holding on to a U.S. Senator at a crawling pace only makes the optics that much worse.

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