Top Biden official learns a dark truth about President Biden

jen psaki

Joe Biden says he’s a squeaky-clean President. But that doesn’t change the facts.

And now a top Biden official has learned a dark truth about President Biden.

Back during the 2020 election season, then-candidate Joe Biden promised that he would be a “moderate” President that the majority of Americans could get behind.

It’s possible that his appeal to moderacy helped him win some crucial independent voters that year, but those promises have not held up.

In the first few months of Joe Biden’s tenure in the White House, Americans learned just how radical and unfit for office he truly is.

His handling of the Afghanistan pullout was an utter disaster and he started signing executive order after executive order to do whatever he wanted.

As a result, Joe Biden’s approval ratings tanked fast and hard. There was no more hiding behind the guise of being a “moderate” President.

Apparently, a former top Biden official is shocked to learn the fact that many Americans believe Joe Biden is a failure of a President.

On her MSNBC show, former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said she was “alarmed” to see that 37% of Americans believe that America is failing as a nation.

She went on to say that she wanted to give Americans reasons to be “optimistic” about the future of the nation without “sugarcoating” the challenges.

But ironically, that’s exactly what she did.

She highlighted that there have been 250 bills that have been passed on bipartisan lines in Congress.

But the problem there is that she continued to do just that.

Psaki may be shocked to learn that more than two-thirds of the nation believes the country is failing, but this it shouldn’t be a shock at all.

What Psaki is trying to do is lay the blame at Donald Trump’s feet as the boogeyman who is responsible for everything that’s going wrong in America right now.

She wouldn’t even acknowledge the failures of President Biden like inflation that continues to rage throughout the nation and a housing crisis that continues on.

No, instead, she just blabbered on about how the “threat of Trump” is hanging over the heads of Americans.

But the reality is that Joe Biden is the President. He’s responsible for the future of America right now, not Donald Trump.

When Donald Trump was in office, the economy was swimming along, inflation was at modern lows and Americans felt optimistic about the future.

That all changed when Joe Biden became President, and they can’t blame that on the guy that they are trying to throw in prison.

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