Top Democrat exposes “rigged” DNC primary in bombshell interview

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No one expects the Democrat Party to play fair. The game is more fixed than you think.

And this top Democrat exposed “rigged” DNC primary in a bombshell interview.

The 2024 presidential election is only a little over a year away.

If it were like any other election in the past, we would already know who the candidate for the Democrat Party is.

The incumbent president nearly always runs for a second term, and his party backs him completely.

But with confidence in Joe Biden’s leadership plummeting off a cliff coupled with his reluctance to announce his candidacy, others are eyeing the Oval Office.

At least two major candidates have announced their campaign for office, neither of whom is Joe Biden.

But one of those candidates just exposed the DNC for their rigged system.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who declared his candidacy for president as a Democrat, criticized the Democratic National Committee (DNC) for having a “rigged” primary system, with no debates and putting voting in South Carolina ahead of New Hampshire on the calendar.

“The DNC, at this point, has taken the official position that there will be no debate, and I think that’s unfortunate… I think what the DNC did to New Hampshire is also unfortunate,” Kennedy Jr. said to the host, Breitbart News Senior Editor-at-Large Joel Pollak, addressing what the DNC is doing to the primary system.

Kennedy Jr. was alluding to the DNC’s decision to rearrange the order of early-voting states. The DNC shifted Iowa and New Hampshire, where President Joe Biden did poorly, out of first place and put South Carolina, where Biden did well, ahead of the two.

“President Biden didn’t do well there [New Hampshire]; he came in fifth. So they took New Hampshire, and they kicked it out of first place. And now they’re gonna say — they’re saying that they’re going to completely remove the delegates from New Hampshire, and that, we should be at this point in history,” he explained.

The Democrat called New Hampshire “an exemplar for American democracy” and the “gold standard” for election integrity because it served as the “gateway” to the rest of the primaries over the previous 100 years.

“It’s very cheap to campaign in. And it has the largest independent block in the country. And people [don’t] make their minds up until they see the candidates again and again and again, and they shake the candidate’s hands five times before deciding who to vote for,” Kennedy Jr. stated.

“They vet these candidates for the whole country, they vet them like you would get vetted if you were running for a city council seat,” he said to further explain why New Hampshire was best first state for the primary.

“You have to go in, and handshake people and nail salons and diners, and you get grilled. These candidates get grilled by an 80-year-old woman who reads The Economist and reads the Financial Times every day. And, you know, she asked questions about some arcane matter. And then the follow-up question, then another follow-up question, all of these things that you’ll never get from CNN or from the New York Times, or the kind of soundbite culture in every other state, the, you know, you can, the candidates can raise a billion dollars and take over that state, kind of aerial, aerial bombard it, carpet bomb it with, you know, with advertisements. And it really is about money. New Hampshire is the one place where you got to do retail politics, you cannot escape.”

“When you have so many Americans who are concerned about election integrity, we should be doing everything we can in our party [Democrat Party] to show that, you know, this is not rigged, rigged system. That it is actually democracy… people can run and that they can get to debate and that the public is gonna be able to see them, and they’re [the DNC] doing kind of the opposite,” Kennedy Jr. added about what the DNC is doing to the primary system.

“There’s too many Americans who already think that the whole system is rigged against them. And this is confirmation of that. And I think that’s troubling,” he added.

Biden has yet to declare his candidacy for reelection, but as previously reported, his team is putting the finishing touches on the president’s plans to begin his campaign as early as Tuesday.

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[UPDATE: Joe Biden formally announced his candidacy for the Democratic presidential nomination on the morning of Tuesday, April 25th.]