Trump just made an agreement with Joe Biden that has Democrats losing their minds

Donald Trump

The two political rivals are out for blood. But this might settle things once and for all.

Because Trump just made an agreement with Joe Biden that has Democrats losing their minds.

While appearing in a town hall with Fox News’ Laura Ingraham on Tuesday, Donald Trump agreed to participate in several debates with President Joe Biden.

“I’ll do it right now on your show. I’ll challenge him right now,” Trump said.

“We can do you. You can do anybody you want. I’ll take anybody from CNN, which is doing very poorly in the ratings by the way, you probably know. I’ll take anybody, because I think you have an obligation in this case, you really have an obligation to debate.”

So far during this election cycle, Trump has refused to participate in any of the Republican primary debates.

That has drawn criticism from his fellow Republican competitors, specifically former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley.

Haley is currently way behind Trump in many of the national GOP primary polls and the former president is expected to easily defeat her to become the party’s nominee in the general election this fall.

“When you have the final Republican, the final Democrat, you have the two people you have to debate regardless,” Trump continued when speaking with Ingraham.

“How many debates would you commit to?” Ingraham asked.

“As many as necessary. I would like to do it starting now. I don’t think he’s going to debate though. I really don’t think so,” Trump answered.

Thus far, Biden has not agreed to any debates yet.

And a few weeks ago when he was asked about Trump wanting to debate him, Biden joked about the whole ordeal.

“If I were him I’d want to debate me too. He’s got nothing else to do,” the president said.

Joe Biden’s campaign didn’t respond to a comment from the Washington Examiner regarding Trump’s latest challenge to a debate.

As of now, three presidential debates are currently on the schedule for this year.

But it’s still not clear if they will take place or not.

President Biden’s inability to put sentences together when he doesn’t have a script in front of him would likely be a reason why his campaign wouldn’t allow him to debate.

And it’s exactly why Trump wants to get on stage and take on the president as soon as possible.

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