Trump’s potential running mate reveals the truth about Hillary Clinton’s role in the White House

Tulsi Gabbard

The former first lady is on a war path. Her goal is to claim as much power as possible.

And Trump’s potential running mate reveals the truth about Hillary Clinton’s role in the White House.

Donald Trump has a long list of possible candidates to be his next vice president.

Those candidates include Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL), Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY), Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC), Gov. Ron DeSantis, and Gov. Kristi Noem (R-SD).

Another possible candidate is former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI).

Gabbard, who was a Democrat candidate in the 2020 presidential election, has since become an independent and shares a lot of the same views as Donald Trump does, particularly on the issue of foreign policy.

She’s also been making the rounds on various conservative talk shows as well as speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference this past February.

A view Gabbard and many conservatives will likely share, is their disdain for former First Lady and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

And during a recent interview with conservative commentator Tucker Carlson, Gabbard made a shocking revelation about Clinton.

She suggested that Hillary Clinton, along with former President Barack Obama are actually pulling the strings and making the key decisions in the White House, not President Joe Biden.

“It’s not a leap of imagination to know that that’s true when you look at the people who are in Joe Biden’s administration,” Gabbard said.

“They are the people who were the right hands for the Obama administration, for President Obama and for Hillary Clinton. When Hillary Clinton said herself the other day, she said, ‘Oh year, I talk to the White House every day!”

Back in 2016, Gabbard endorsed Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) over Clinton in the Democrat primary.

That led to her being shut out from several Democrats who made threats to her for not supporting Hillary Clinton.

So there’s no surprise that Gabbard wasn’t shy to offer this theory to Carlson that Clinton is involved in some way in the decision-making process of the White House.

As for Barack Obama, there’s been theories that he’s been involved behind the scenes pretty much since the start of Biden’s term back in January of 2021.

The Obamas have a residence in Washington, D.C. which has led to further speculation of this theory.

Also, many of the current White House staff under Joe Biden also worked in the Obama administration.

And with the radical policies that Biden is trying to push on Americans, it wouldn’t shock anyone if the curtain was pulled back and Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were seen calling the shots.

You can watch Tulsi Gabbard’s full interview with Tucker Carlson in the video below:

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