Trump supporters were blindsided after Melania Trump made this special campaign announcement

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The former first lady has been out of the spotlight recently. But now many are wondering if she’s finally ready to return to the limelight.

And Trump supporters were blindsided after Melania Trump made this special campaign announcement.

Ever since former President Donald Trump left office in early January of 2021, his wife Melania Trump has been seldom seen alongside him.

Whether that be at campaign rallies or other events, Melania has been noticeably absent from her husband’s side.

But now that the 2024 election is in full swing, she has hinted at plans to make a full return to the campaign through appearances and other public outings.

This past Tuesday, she was even seen next to Donald Trump as they voted in the Florida primary.

“I voted for Donald Trump,” the former president quipped when speaking with reporters about who he cast his vote for in the primary.

And when asked by reporters about her reappearing with Trump on the campaign trail, Melania simply said, “Stay tuned.”

Melania’s absence has been a talking point recently, as she wasn’t with her husband at Mar-a-Lago to celebrate his Super Tuesday victories earlier this March.

In December, Page Six learned from a source that the former first lady was planning to “step up” her appearances in 2024 to help Donald Trump win another term in the White House.

The source also said that Melania was “feeling more sure of herself – as both her husband’s representative and her own position as a diplomatic figure after her positive reception at the [Rosalynn] Carter funeral” this past November.

A month after the funeral, she spoke at the National Archives in Washington, D.C. for a ceremony for citizens’ naturalization.

Melania Trump was again out of the spotlight in January after the death of her mother, Amalija Knavs, who was ill for some time.

She spent time away from Donald Trump’s campaign trail to mourn and grieve the loss.

And once she’s ready to be fully engaged in Trump’s reelection efforts, it wouldn’t be surprising at all to see her speak at rallies alongside her husband.

It also wouldn’t be surprising to see her host a rally of her own.

But no plan of that has been confirmed as of yet.

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