Trump’s shocking border comments took everyone by surprise

Donald Trump

Trump is known for being a strong advocate for border control and security. And Biden and the Radical Left are fighting for the exact opposite.

But Trump’s shocking border comments took everyone by surprise.

As a caravan of over 15,000 migrants thunders towards the southern border, tremors of concern vibrate across the nation.

Former President Donald Trump wasted no time in unleashing a blistering critique of the Biden administration’s “paltry efforts” and the utter chaos at the frontier.

His words resonate with millions who witnessed, under his leadership, a starkly different reality – a border tamed, not by empty platitudes, but by resolute action.

Trump’s presidency was built on a cornerstone promise: securing the border.

It wasn’t a mere campaign buzzword – it was a meticulously executed project.

Discouraging policies, the physical manifestation of the border wall, and an administration unafraid to crack down on illegal immigration resulted in a dramatic drop in crossings.

Numbers dwindled to record lows, earning the Trump era the coveted title of “the strongest and safest border in our history, by far.”

This wasn’t achieved through wishful thinking or bureaucratic hand-wringing.

It was the consequence of decisive leadership and an unwavering commitment to national security.

The Biden administration, in stark contrast, seems content to fiddle while the border burns.

Open-door policies, executive orders welcoming “full participation by immigrants,” and rhetoric reeking of naivety about “safe, orderly, and legal pathways” have sent a powerful message across the Rio Grande: America’s gates are flung wide open.

Remember, even before Biden donned the presidential mantle, eager border crossers were lining up, emboldened by his lax stance.

Mayorkas, the man entrusted with safeguarding the nation’s gateway, infamously told them in 2021, “we’re not saying don’t come, we’re saying don’t come now.”

His later denial didn’t erase the indelible mark his words left on the minds of those yearning for a new life north of the border.

The consequences of this orchestrated welcome mat are now playing out in horrifying numbers.

Millions upon millions flood across the porous border, dwarfing the paltry 500,000 apprehensions from Trump’s final year.

Biden’s “catch and release” policy – a euphemism for gifting free cell phones, court dates years in the future, and one-way tickets to American cities – is akin to waving a neon sign saying “enter, stay, and thrive.”

New York, Trump’s hometown, stands as a chilling microcosm of this national deluge.

Mayor Adams, drowning in the migrant surge, desperately begs for federal help, his pleas met with the deafening silence of an administration seemingly oblivious to the crisis it has engendered.

This isn’t about demonizing migrants or advocating for draconian measures. It’s about recognizing the devastating consequences of unchecked illegal immigration on national security, economic stability, and social cohesion.

It’s about demanding responsible leadership, not feckless appeasement. It’s about remembering the lessons of the past when a secure border wasn’t a pipe dream, but a tangible reality.

The Biden administration stands not only at the southern border but at a crossroads.

Will it continue down the path of open borders and escalating chaos, or will it finally listen to the chorus of concern – to the mothers worried about their children’s safety, the workers struggling against unfair competition, and the taxpayers burdened by the weight of unchecked migration?

The choice is clear: secure the border, uphold the rule of law, and remember, America stands for opportunity, not open season.

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