US Admiral makes stunning demand that should concern every American

Rachel Levine

The Left has slowly infiltrated different bureaus and agencies of government for years. Now it’s time to put their plan into action.

And a US Admiral made a stunning demand that should concern every American.

The United States government should be focused on carrying out the few tasks the Constitution lays out for it.

Defending the nation from enemies foreign and domestic, regulating international trade with foreign countries like China, and preventing illegal immigration from running rampant are three of the main ones.

Instead, thanks to Democrats, the government is far more interested in pushing a political agenda.

Take Biden’s US Assistant Health Secretary Rachel Levine, a transgender-identified biological male.

With an aging population and the repercussions of the COVID hysteria still felt in this country, Levine should be focused on trying to help the average American.

But no Admiral Levine – Admiral referring to Levine’s rank in the United States Public Health Service Commissioned Corps, not a uniformed branch of the Department of Defense – is more concerned with peddling transgenderism to children.

In fact, Levine insists that sex change procedures for minors are a part of “mental healthcare” that will “literally” prevent kids from taking their lives.

“It’s such an important issue for our youth and adults,” Admiral Levine said of gender transitions in children.

“We often say that gender-affirming care is healthcare,” he went on to say.

“Gender-affirming care is mental healthcare, and gender-affirming care is literally suicide prevention care.”

“Would that be your view as well?” Levine inquired of the minor.

Sitting down in a suit and tie, the boy responded, “I 100 percent agree.”

Levine and the Biden administration have been vocal opponents of legislation aimed at prohibiting so-called gender-affirming therapy for kids, such as child sex change surgeries, hormone replacement therapies, and puberty blockers.

Despite several medical specialists’ warnings concerning the lasting damage caused by these harmful processes, Levine has ignored the warnings and continues to force the treatments on children.

Adults, teenagers, and toddlers who have undergone sex change surgeries have recently spoken about their misgivings about the purported treatment, which creates several problems for the human body and cannot be undone.

Levine told educators at a US Department of Education event in January that child sex changes are “medically necessary, safe, and effective for transgender and non-binary youth.”

Transgender identity, according to Levine, is a child’s “superpower.”

As Shakespeare would say, “O brave new world, that has such people in it!”

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