You’ll never believe who President Biden smuggled into the White House

Hunter and Joe Biden

Joe Biden has been involved in quite a few scandals over the years. But this one takes the cake.

And you’ll never believe who President Biden smuggled into the White House.

It wasn’t long ago when Biden promised to “restore honor and decency to the White House.”

That promise has been thrown out the window after the President, without knowledge from his aides and staff, let his troubled son, Hunter Biden stay in the White House for two weeks.

“Hunter Biden was able to get in two weeks of father-son time with President Biden, unbeknownst to most White House staffers, before his plea deal on federal tax and gun crimes collapsed, according to a report,” said the New York Post.

“The majority of the 80-year-old president’s aides were unaware of Hunter Biden’s extended DC visit, which overlapped with a White House state dinner honoring India’s prime minister attended by the first son, two Biden family trips to Camp David, the discover of a bag of cocaine steps from the Situation Room and an Independence Day blowout at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.”

The cocaine discovery in the White House makes a whole lot more sense knowing Hunter, a drug addict, was staying there when it was found.

This smuggling operation by the President doesn’t cool off any heat from Republicans that claim Hunter Biden’s crimes are being covered up.

Not only are White House staff kept in the dark about Hunter’s visits to the White House, but they’re also heavily discouraged from mentioning him at all.

According to NBC News, when speaking to his aides about the subject of his son, President Biden snapped at them, saying, “Hands off my family.”

For many White House staffers, they believe that Hunter Biden’s never-ending legal battles will cause a massive amount of stress for the President.

“They refuse to broach the topic with the president despite concern over the ‘toll’ Hunter Biden’s legal predicaments are having on the oldest president in US history,” said the New York Post.

And with Hunter’s plea deal falling apart in recent weeks, the legal issues will only get worse.

“The collapsed deal would’ve spared him jail time on accusations that he failed to pay taxes and lied about his crack cocaine addiction when purchasing a firearm.”

Stress like this isn’t what the President needs as he gears up for a re-election campaign.

But the more he attaches himself to his problematic son by inviting him for lengthy stays at the White House, the more questions will arise from not only his staff, but the American public as well.

Not only that, but whoever the Republican nominee for president is, will use Hunter Biden’s many scandals as ammo in the debates with President Biden.

And with his staff too concerned to not upset the President by giving their opinion on the situation, there’s no telling whether Joe Biden will be ready to properly defend his son.

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