A Republican senator just joined forces with Democrats to take down Biden

mitt romney

President Biden better start looking over his shoulder. Politicians are starting to look for his replacement.

And a Republican senator just joined forces with Democrats to take down Biden.

Joe Biden’s popularity is declining.

Even Democrats feel as though the President should cancel his re-election bid due to his age.

Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) is trying to convince Democrats in the U.S. Senate to step up and challenge Biden in the primary.

While speaking at an event in Utah to GOP donors, Romney explained that he has reached out to Senators Cory Booker (D-NJ) and Mark Warner (D-VA) about possibly challenging Joe Biden for the Democrat nomination.

Both Booker and Warner rejected Romney’s idea however.

But that hasn’t stopped the Utah Senator and former presidential candidate from continuing communication with the Left on this subject.

Democrats informed him that a suitable replacement for President Biden would have to be someone who’s “more progressive.”

Candidates who fall under this category would be Senators Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Bernie Sanders (I-VT).

But even some members of the Left believe that an ultra progressive would not work for America, according to Senator Romney.

“And they don’t want that – they don’t think that’s right for the country, either,” Romney explained.

The problem however with Romney’s strategy, is that the Democrat Senators he proposed primary Biden, would be more competent than the 80-year-old President.

Mitt Romney would basically be giving Democrats a well coordinated exit plan from Joe Biden and his gaffe-riddled persona that’s seen him decline in the polls.

As it stands now, Donald Trump is most likely going to be the Republican nominee and he holds a narrow edge over the current President in national polling.

But if Romney convinces another Democrat to run and beat Biden, Trump may not hold the same advantage over them.

Senator Romney is firm in his “Never-Trump” stance.

At the same donor event in Utah, he urged attendants to support a GOP candidate who can beat Donald Trump for the Republican nomination.

He better be careful though. His schemes with the Democrats may just lead to another 4 years of a Leftist president in the United States.

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