All hell broke loose after this Democrat called for imprisoning conservatives

The threat of “right-wing domestic terrorism” has been overblown by the Left. Their end goal is to call all conservatives terrorists and send federal police after them.

And all hell broke loose after this Democrat called for imprisoning conservatives.

Malcolm Nance, a former contributor to MSNBC, said that conservative Americans should be charged with terrorism in new laws. He said this while he was on MSNBC.

Nance is best known for spreading the false conspiracy theory that former President Trump is a “Russian Asset.”

During his appearance, Nance said that Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh would be considered “mainstream” in the Republican Party of today and would get a job as a Congressional intern. This is a ridiculous thing to say.

Nance wanted new anti-terrorism laws to be passed so that American citizens could be charged with domestic terrorism.

At the same time, Nance admitted that “someone like Trump” could use these laws to attack political opponents.

In reality, the “domestic terrorist” label has been put on political opponents by the Biden administration.

Parents who went to school board meetings were called “domestic terrorists” by Biden’s DHS.

People like Nance really think that the riot on January 6 was part of a plan to take over the government.

Nance said that what happened on January 6 was like another “right-wing plot.”

“So some that’s where we’re having our problem. However, I just want to make one quick point, Katie. The people that were convicted, the head of that plot, of the Michigan kidnapping plot to kill the governor. You know, that wasn’t their plan. Their Plan A was to actually seize the statehouse and execute all the Democrats on television by hanging them out the windows. Kidnapping the governor turned out to be Plan B. But that was a blueprint that law enforcement should have been ready for on January 6, when it had already been plotted by groups in the United States,” Nance said.

The “plan” for kidnapping Whitmer was, of course, whatever the feds wanted it to be.

In that case, there were twice as many FBI informants as people who were actually involved.

In reality, it’s likely that the FBI pushed them to do something they wouldn’t have done otherwise.

The FBI often finds angry young people and tries to get them to commit crimes by giving them money and help they couldn’t get anywhere else.

They then take credit for their “bust,” even though the person probably would not have done anything wrong if they had been left alone.

With how political the FBI is now, it is very likely that they will use this method to create more “right-wing terrorism” that they can then “stop.”

The FBI and DOJ have already been caught exaggerating how dangerous right-wing domestic terrorism is.

Since it was just found out that the FBI worked with Big Tech to help the Democrats win elections, we shouldn’t give them any more tools to go after conservatives.

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