Joe Biden was humiliated after this massive deal was upended

biden humiliated

It seems like lately Biden is enduring more losses than victories. And that couldn’t be better news for Republicans.

As Joe Biden was humiliated after this massive deal was upended.

President Joe Biden’s approval ratings keep circling down the drain.

According to the latest polling average from FiveThirtyEight, 55.6% of Americans disapprove of the president.

In contrast, only 39.1% approve of him.

There are many reasons why these numbers are so poor for Biden.

High gas prices and inflation, terrible foreign policy choices, the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan, and the southern border crisis, are all failures of President Biden’s and contribute to Americans’ disapproval of him.

As for any sort of literature on the current president, the general public isn’t in great approval of that as well.

According to what several sources told Daniel Lippman from Politico, the publisher Simon and Schuster has canceled a deal with Axios’ Alex Thompson for a book about the Joe Biden administration.

Thompson, who is a national political correspondent for Axios, was going to write a book that explored the Biden presidency through various insights that were gathered by him when he covered the White House.

He did not give Politico a comment about the book deal cancellation but said in a post on X that he is still writing it and hoping to release it in 2025.

“It’s true. But still writing it and aiming for 2025 to tell the story of the Biden presidency. If you’re a publisher and interested, email/number in bio,” Thompson’s post on X said.

This decision by Simon and Schuster further displays how unpopular President Biden is.

No one is interested in reading details about the Biden administration.

Their horrible decision-making and ability to harm Americans through their policies is likely one of those reasons.

At this point, people have grown tired of Joe Biden and are ready for a changing of the guard.

His approval ratings and poll numbers compared to former President Donald Trump’s are evidence as to why.

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