Bill Barr stuns everyone with unbelievable statement about Trump

bill barr

All eyes are on the Trump indictment showdown today. The future of the country is hanging in the balance.

And Bill Barr stunned absolutely everyone with what he just said about Trump.

Former U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr has had a love-hate relationship with Donald Trump for years.

One day he’s Donald Trump’s strongest defender, and the next he’s Trump’s biggest enemy.

Naturally, everyone’s been very curious to hear what Bill Barr has to say about the Trump indictments being brought by the New York D.A. Alvin Bragg.

Recently, Barr appeared on Fox News to share some of his thoughts on this case, and his comments were head-scratching, to say the least.

Barr ultimately agrees with the majority of Americans that this indictment case is a sham that’s designed to interfere with the 2024 election.

The former U.S. Attorney General said that Bragg is “interfering in a federal election process and his case is built on an alleged violation of federal law.”

Barr also said that he thinks the case “lacks any legal basis.”

“I think the case, based again on what’s been reported, the case lacks any legal basis,” Barr said on Fox News.

So that all seems reasonable and agreeable. But it’s what he said about Donald Trump that’s the real confusing part.

Barr argued that Trump should be kept from being put on the stand by his legal team, saying it would be a “bad idea” to do so.

His reasoning is that he believes Trump has no self-control and that it’d be difficult to prepare Trump to testify in a “prudent fashion.”

“Generally, I think it’s a bad idea to go on the stand, and I think it’s a particularly bad idea to put Trump because he lacks all self-control and it’d be very difficult to prepare him and keep him testifying in a prudent fashion,” Barr said on Fox News.

That’s a pretty harsh take on the part of Bill Barr.

He seems to be very convinced that Trump isn’t guilty of the crimes that the New York Democrat legal lackeys are bringing against him.

Yet, he turns around and blasts Trump as lacking all self-control?

Donald Trump did serve as the President of the United States for four years, and he exhibited plenty of self-control during high-pressure situations.

Despite what the Trump-hating radicals said Trump would do, he didn’t start any wars, something that Biden, Obama, W. Bush, and Clinton cannot say.

The attack on his character just seemed unnecessary. Obviously, if Trump was trying to defend himself in court, he’d do so in a reasonable manner.

To argue otherwise is just drinking the Trump-hating kool-aid from the radical Left and the political establishment.

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