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Hunter Biden

Joe Biden got sick to his stomach after reading this report about his son

Scandals are piling up for the Biden administration. Many of them from within the Biden family. And Joe Biden just got sick to his stomach...

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez just said the dumbest thing you’ll ever see

The Democrat Party continues to move towards fully embracing socialism. Major Democrats already do. But Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez just exposed herself as an imbecile for everyone...
Joe Biden

Joe Biden’s newest plan for illegal immigrants is truly insane

President Biden and the Democrats are out of control. They are destroying everything that makes America great. And now Joe Biden's newest plan for illegal...
Jim Jordan

Jim Jordan slapped Merrick Garland with a subpoena with major consequences

House Republican Jim Jordan is not playing around. He's holding the Biden admin to account. Because Jim Jordan just slapped Merrick Garland with a subpoena...
Tucker Carlson

Watch: Tucker Carlson finally breaks his silence on split with Fox

The sudden firing of Tucker Carlson from Fox News took everyone by surprise. And Tucker is setting the record straight. And you have to watch...
ron desantis

Top Republican targeted in devastating attack

You can't get very far in politics without making a few enemies. But this goes beyond the normal name-calling. And this top Republican was targeted...
Joe Biden

Joe Biden’s campaign is DOA after this startling revelation

President Biden announced his campaign for president just this past Tuesday. But immediately came crashing down. And Joe Biden's campaign is DOA after this startling...
riot police

Riot police flood major state Capitol after shocking attack

Political violence is becoming the norm. People are starting to get hurt. And riot police flooded this major state Capitol after a shocking attack. The Democrat...
Donald Trump

Donald Trump just solved a major puzzle for Joe Biden with one reality check

Joe Biden and the Democrats have a real problem on their hands. But Trump just solved it. Because Trump hit Joe Biden with a reality...
hunter biden

Hunter Biden caught using the White House for this awful act

The first son has been a thorn in the side of the Biden family for years. His behavior and scandals know no bounds. And Hunter...


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