DeSantis announces his withdrawal that no one saw coming

ron desantis

The Florida governor’s campaign has been reeling. Now it’s all coming to a head.

And DeSantis announces his withdrawal that no one saw coming.

Ron DeSantis and former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley are in heated battle for second place in the Republican primary.

Front-runner Donald Trump is far ahead of both of them in the polls, leading many to assume that he will most certainly be the Republican nominee for president this November.

That’s also caused rumors to emerge over whether or not Haley or DeSantis would settle for a vice presidential spot as a concession to not winning the GOP nomination.

As of now, DeSantis in particular is not interested at all in being a running mate for one of his fellow competitors.

When asked on an episode of Fox News Channel’s “Cavuto Live” about a VP spot on Haley’s ticket, the Florida governor shut down the idea immediately.

“You mentioned Nikki Haley’s comments in New Hampshire about Iowa. Chris Sununu, the New Hampshire governor was supporting her, said it was just a joke and a reference to the fact that Donald Trump would probably win in Iowa and that folks in New Hampshire would correct it,” host Neil Cavuto said.

“Having said that, though, in the middle of all of this, Nikki Haley said that she would maybe consider you as a possible vice presidential running mate. What did you think of that?”

“Well, I can tell you I am not going to accept that under any circumstances,” DeSantis firmly responded.

“You know, I’m running for president because I think we need somebody that can win and get the job done. But I would much rather do my final two years as governor 20 – ’25 and ’26 than then be vice president.”

“I don’t think it’s a position that offers much. I want to make an impact, Neil. I’m in office to be able to deliver results to people and to take a position where you’re not going to be able to deliver results for anyone. That just doesn’t appeal to me,” DeSantis continued.

Gov. DeSantis then touched on the constant rumors of Haley being Trump’s vice president, should he win the party’s nomination.

“I do think though it’s interesting. She refuses to rule out whether she would be Donald Trump’s running mate if Trump would be the nominee. And that’s, I think, important because she’s really catered to a lot of Democrat donors, Democrat-leaning voters,” he said.

“A lot of people that are basically very anti-Trump and have actually donated a lot of money in the past to oppose Donald Trump. And so they’re viewing her as the vessel to be an anti-Trumper. And yet, she will not rule this out. So the question, why can’t she just give a straight answer?”

The thought of a Trump/Haley ticket has been heavily criticized by prominent conservatives, including Tucker Carlson and Donald Trump Jr.

Carlson has admitted that he wouldn’t vote for a Trump/Haley ticket because of the former South Carolina governor’s presence on the ballot.

But DeSantis brings up a good point. Why hasn’t Haley said “yes” or “no” to the idea of being Donald Trump’s running mate?

Ron DeSantis has said “definitely no,” which is furthering igniting rumors that Haley could be accepting a vice presidential position if she doesn’t win the primary due to her non-answer on the issue.

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