Donald Trump is hit with an unexpected curveball that will change the 2024 election

Chris Sununu

Voting for the Republican primaries hasn’t even begun, yet there’s already plenty of surprises. Even political insiders couldn’t see this coming.

And Donald Trump is hit with an unexpected curveball that will change the 2024 election.

As former President Donald Trump continues to lead in the Republican primary polls by a wide margin, Democrats are starting to gear up for a possible 2020 rematch between Joe Biden and Trump.

Trump is also performing well in polls that show him facing Biden head-to-head.

That leaves most Americans thinking about who they’ll support next year in the presidential election.

And that decision will likely boil down to voting for Donald Trump or Joe Biden.

Even RINO Republicans who have sworn off Trump, will have to decide if they will hold their nose and vote for the former president, or switch parties and vote for Biden.

Governor Chris Sununu (R-NH) who is noted as firmly Never-Trump, has made that decision.

In an interview on a podcast for Puck News, Sununu announced that he indeed would vote for Trump over Biden, citing that he’s “a Republican.”

“If it comes down to Trump or Biden, which it most likely will, you’re going to vote for Trump then?” host Tara Palmeri asked the governor.

“I’m a Republican. I just want Republicans to win; that’s all I care about,” Sununu responded.

The Granite State governor also explained that it’s key for both political parties to try and find different candidates to run, as that’s likely the best chance they both have at winning the election.

“The party that chooses to move on from Trump or Biden first wins,” Sununu said.

“If the Democrats choose before the Republicans to move on from Biden ā€“ before the Republicans choose to move on from Trump – Democrats will win.”

“America is just looking for something new ā€“ a new generation, enough of this old, old-school crap; we need to move forward. And so any new candidate on either side is going to win this election.”

Sununu also added that “Biden has become so bad, even Trump can beat him.”

This technically isn’t an endorsement from the governor, but his comments are still impactful.

It could very well mean that like-minded Republicans like Sununu are willing to put their negative thoughts about Trump aside in order to keep Joe Biden from winning a second term.

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