Federal judges give GOP a major 2024 election victory

ron desantis

Republicans are gearing up for the elections this November. And now momentum is fully on their side.

As federal judges give GOP a major 2024 election victory.

Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis has supported a congressional redistricting plan in the Sunshine State that will now be upheld after federal judges ruled in favor of it.

It was argued that the redistricting map was discriminatory towards black voters in Florida, yet federal judges ruled unanimously against those arguments.

The map will greatly benefit the GOP in the 2024 elections this year.

During the 2022 midterms the map helped bring a victory to Republican John Rutherford who was able to unseat Rep. Al Lawson (D) in Florida’s Fifth District.

That seat was one of four seats which were flipped by Republicans as a result of the DeSantis-supported redistricting map.

Any seat that the Right is able to pick up in the U.S. House this November is critical.

As it stands, Republicans will have just a 217-213 majority in the lower chamber of Congress once Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-WI) steps down from his seat in April.

The panel, consisting of three judges, who ruled on this case found that there was no sort of racial discrimination used when forming the new congressional map.

“Whatever might be said about the Legislature’s decision to give up the fight for preserving a Black-performing district in North Florida, it did not amount to ratification of racial animus in violation of the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments,” Judges Adalberto Jordan, Casey Rodgers, and Allen Winsor’s opinion stated.

The opinion also noted that “a public and collective decision-making body, like the Florida Legislature, is answerable only for its own unconstitutional actions and motivations.”

“The unlawful motivations of others – whether constituents, the Governor, or even a single member of the body itself – do not become those of the decision-making body as a whole.”

There is a chance that this ruling can be taken to the Supreme Court for an appeal.

However, the justices there would probably not issue a ruling on it before elections take place in November.

As various leaders in the Republican Party are involved in highly contested court cases – such as former President Donald Trump – its good to see someone like DeSantis and the GOP in Florida get a win.

Democrats are coming out in full force to use the legal system to upend any plans that Republicans have formed to try and win this November.

They can’t stand the idea of losing so they’ll try and come up with a bogus court case to throw towards the Right.

And thanks to the federal judges in Florida, the Left was shown that their tactics aren’t always going to work.

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