Joe Biden may be in deep trouble after this troubling report surfaced

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The heat of a presidential election is no time for panic. But for President Biden, that’s all he’s doing.

And Joe Biden may be in deep trouble after this troubling report surfaced.

Presidential campaigns are running at full speed with 2024 just around the corner.

Many candidates are focusing on the necessary swing states that will help propel them to the 270 required electoral votes to become president.

Republicans are especially looking to flip Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Arizona, red after those states voted for Biden in 2020.

And they may be in luck after a recent report showed how disgruntled these swing state voters are with the current administration.

“The feeling that I get amongst my group of peers, a lot of my people that I work with is that we’re really pulling for Biden to lose” Jon German, from Georgia, told Fox & Friends.

According to Fox News, “He and a panel of two other swing state residents shared their feelings about how things could fare for Biden based on what they have seen from those around them.”

“German owns a barbecue food trailer in the Peach State and said, since he doesn’t talk politics much while doing his job, he isn’t too confident about how things could go. As for his inner circle, they hope Biden fares poorly.”

From another swing state, Arizona, Jorge Rivas explains that President Biden’s policies are destroying small businesses.

“But in Arizona, other issues are also pressing, including the ongoing border crisis affecting communities in the state, as well as in Texas and New Mexico. Rivas blamed government incompetence for the problem, saying they refuse to enforce laws already in place” Fox News said.

Rivas would be more than pleased to see President Biden fail in his attempts to be reelected.

“We want a leader that is strong. We want Donald Trump back or someone that will do a real good job” Jorge Rivas said.

“Biden should be playing golf or playing cards but not running the United States of America.”

Esther Parsons from Pennsylvania had this to say about Biden, “I don’t think he’s going to win the state of Pennsylvania this time. There’s too many disgruntled voters.”

Pennsylvania is certainly a state that could flip for Republicans in 2024.

In 2016, Trump carried the state before Joe Biden took it back in 2020.

Swing state voters are fed up with the current presidential administration, and rightfully so.

Biden will now have to watch results roll in on election night with real worry that some if not all of these swing states will turn against him.

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