Joe Biden was blindsided after the police were called on one of his top officials

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President Biden’s administration can’t seem to stay out of trouble. But this official may have gone too far.

And that’s because Joe Biden was blindsided after the police were called on one of his top officials.

A top initiative of Biden’s is to introduce more clean energy initiatives.

One way he is doing this is by claiming how important electric cars are despite them being unaffordable for the average American.

To help Joe Biden deliver this message, Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm and her staff, embarked on a road trip for four days in electric vehicles earlier this summer.

While making a stop to charge the vehicles in Augusta, Georgia, one of Granholm’s staff members parked a gas-powered car in front of a charging spot in an attempt to reserve it for one of the electric cars in Granholm’s party.

The staff member hogging the space with a nonelectric car caused quite the uproar as a family and their infant child called the police on Granholm and her team since they weren’t able to charge their car.

“There’s literally a nonelectric car that is taking up the space, who said they’re holding the space to somebody else, and it’s holding up a whole bunch of people who need to charge their cars,” one of the family members said in a call to 911.

“There’s other people who are waiting to charge, and they’re still here, and that’s not an electric car. And the sign says that it has to…you can’t park here unless you’re charging.”

Fortunately for Granholm, the staff member didn’t do anything illegal by blocking the space and did not get into any official trouble with the local police.

But overall, the incident showed a major problem with electric cars, and thats the lack of open spaces charging stations have across the country.

Not only that, but according to NPR, Granholm and her team had to deal with chargers that were very slow and made the road trip much longer than it should of been.

Ford CEO Jim Farley encountered a similar issue last month when he said that after charging his electric car for 40 minutes, it was only charged up to 40%.

Despite the challenges with these electric vehicles, Joe Biden still insists on pushing them on the American public.

The Energy Department under the Biden administration has recently given $12 billion to auto manufacturers across the country to start producing electric cars.

Republicans, specifically former President Donald Trump, have taken objection to this, feeling as though Biden is forcing Americans to abandon their gas-powered cars.

Trump even mentioned that voters should be able to have a “choice for buying cars and washing machines.”

But for now, President Biden will continue to tout electric cars as the future regardless of the proven flaws that they present.

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