Kevin McCarthy smacks Joe Biden with an impeachment bombshell

kevin mccarthy

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is not playing games with Joe Biden. He’s holding his feet to the fire.

Because Kevin McCarthy has smacked Joe Biden with a major impeachment bombshell.

It’s obvious to anyone without deep blue colored glasses on that the Biden administration has, more than any other recent Presidential admin, used and abused the federal government for his own political gain.

The way the Department of Justice (which is now, sadly, a misnomer) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation has become political extensions of the Biden White House is downright appalling to see.

Many legal experts agree that the DOJ and the FBI unconstitutionally raided former President Trump’s home in Mar-a-Lago and did so under the direction of the Biden administration.

Joe Biden swears that he has had no hand in the indictments of Donald Trump, but it’s a little hard to believe with plenty of evidence showing otherwise.

Republicans have literally formed a committee to investigate Joe Biden’s weaponization of the federal government, that’s how bad it’s become.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-KY) wants to hold these radicals in the executive branch accountable for their anti-American and anti-justice games.

One individual who has been in the crosshairs of the House Republicans is none other than the Biden administration’s head of the Department of Justice, Merrick Garland.

Merrick Garland has recently been accused of more wrongdoing, this time for allegedly interfering in the investigation into President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden and his tax crimes.

An IRS whistleblower has confidently testified the IRS officials in charge of investigating Hunter Biden were denied bringing charges against Hunter in Washington, D.C.

Kevin McCarthy upon learning about this has now called for the attorneys involved in the case to testify before the House Judiciary Committee.

But not only that, he implied that he plans on impeaching U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland soon and that if this whistleblower is correct, that it would be even more evidence they have against him.

“We need to get to the facts, and that includes reconciling these clear disparities. U.S. Attorney David Weiss must provide answers to the House Judiciary Committee. If the whistleblowers’ allegations are true, this will be a significant part of a larger impeachment inquiry into Merrick Garland’s weaponization of DOJ,” McCarthy shared on Twitter.

These aren’t empty threats either.

The Republicans in the House believe that there is growing disdain for the way Merrick Garland is conducting himself as head of the Department of Justice, even on the part of some Democrats in Congress.

Republicans already have a majority in the U.S. House and a successful impeachment of Garland is likely in that chamber. In the U.S. Senate, the Democrats hold a razor-thin majority that may as well be non-existent due to the fact that they have the likes of Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema to deal with.

Democrats will be desperate to prevent this from reaching the U.S. Senate where they know they have reached their last defense.

Expect the Republicans to try to move as quickly as possible should they bring impeachment charges against Garland and potentially others within the DOJ.

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