Presidential candidate left in danger after what the Biden administration just did

Joe Biden

Joe Biden is desperate to win the 2024 election. He’ll try to win by any means possible.

And this presidential candidate is left in danger after what the Biden administration just did.

President Biden isn’t facing competition from just Republicans who are looking to win the presidency next November.

He’s also competing against a fellow Democrat, Rep. Dean Phillips (MN) and an independent in Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

RFK Jr. was attempting to run as a Democrat before switching over to an independent in October.

And so far, he’s asked the Biden administration for Secret Service protection twice during his presidential run. Both times Kennedy Jr. was denied that protection.

Now he’s asked for that protection for a third time, and again has been rejected by Biden’s administration.

“Denied Secret Service again! It’s not just about me. It’s another example of weaponization of government against Biden’s political opponents,” Kennedy Jr. said in a post on X.

“They know that 30¢ of every campaign dollar goes to keeping me safe.”

“Homeland Security gave no explanation for rejecting our application. Law says all ‘major candidates’ get protection. I’m polling 22% (and 40% among young voters – beating both Biden and Trump). My opinion may be biased, but that seems pretty ‘major’ to me,” RFK Jr. continued.

October and July were both months where Kennedy Jr. had requested Secret Service protection but was denied.

During that time, an intruder had climbed the fence surrounding his house twice, and an armed individual impersonating a U.S. Marshal was arrested at a campaign event of his.

RFK Jr.’s father, Robert F. Kennedy, was assassinated during his presidential campaign in 1968.

Kennedy Jr.’s presence in the race has proven to hurt Biden and help former President Donald Trump in certain polls, like Cygnal polling.

But RFK Jr. also has solid poll numbers for a third party independent candidate, especially among young people.

While the younger demographic of voters in America were monumental to Biden’s success in 2020, they’ve now begun to favor RFK Jr. instead.

And with solid support for his campaign, Kennedy Jr. is still baffled at why he simply can’t get protection from the Secret Service.

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