“Racist” Joe Biden EXPOSED by this top black Republican

Joe Biden

Democrats are always playing the race card when they think it’ll score them political points. Their obsession with race proves they’re the racists.

And Joe Biden’s racism was just EXPOSED by this top black Republican.

Over the past decades, the Democrat Party has aligned itself with identity politics in every form and fashion.

If they can exploit a group or demonize another, they will if it means pushing their agenda for America.

When Black Lives Matter rioters were burning down city centers, killing dozens and causing billions of dollars in property damage, the Left cheered them on.

When Republicans kick Democratic Congresswomen like Ilhan Omar off committees for anti-semitic remarks, Leftists like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez say “women of color” are being targeted.

And if a black Republican raised their voice against the Leftist agenda, they’re often considered an “Uncle Tom” or “race-traitor” but that hasn’t stopped many from speaking up.

Rep. Wesley Hunt (R-TX) made it obvious that he had no patience for anyone who tried to turn every problem into a racial division.

Hunt spoke during a border security committee on Wednesday, criticizing President Joe Biden’s administration for characterizing Republicans as “racists” because they opposed open border policies.

“Last time I checked, I’ve been black for a long time. I’ve been a minority for a long time,” Hunt tweeted along with a clip of his remarks.

“Am I racist for calling what’s happening at the southern border, an invasion? No. I’m a Congressman who is tired of this administration using racism as a scapegoat for everything.”

The Biden administration has allowed over six million illegal immigrants over the border since taking office.

“This is actually not about race. This is an issue on public safety,” Hunt said, adding that his concerns about the amount of deadly fentanyl that was crossing the southern border had nothing to do with race.

“Fentanyl doesn’t care where you’re from,” he continued. “Fentanyl doesn’t care about race. Fentanyl kills indiscriminately.”

Hunt then shifted gears to discuss how border policy had altered since Biden took office, admitting that there had been issues prior to Biden’s arrival but emphasizing how much worse the situation at the US-Mexico border had deteriorated under his watch.

He explained that part of the problem was the Biden administration’s proclivity for using race “as a scapegoat for everything.”

“As somebody that wants to make sure that we do attack racist issues when they do occur, we can’t be the boy who cried wolf and blame racism all the time,” Hunt added.

“I am here to hold this administration accountable to understand that there are issues of race that need to be addressed — and sir, this ain’t one of them.”

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