Sarah Palin stuns everyone with this Fox News confession

Fox News’ fall from grace has been swift and fast. But you may be surprised to hear why.

Because Sarah Palin has shared a Fox News confession that will utterly stun you.

Sarah Palin should be listened to when she discusses the prejudice in the media.

Former Alaska governor, Republican vice presidential nominee, and current conservative commentator Sarah Palin has been the target of more insults from the mainstream media than any other American politician, including President Trump.

And it looks like Fox News has finally turned on her as well.

Palin discussed how her critiques of Fox had escalated to the point that the “fair and balanced” network opted not to have her around in an interview with Newsmax presenter Eric Bolling on Friday.

“I’ve lost another gig,” Palin stated.

“I had been booked by Fox for the next day, and a mutual friend of ours … had been listening. He texted right after my interview and he said, ‘OK, watch. In 3, 2, 1 … You’re gonna get canceled.’

“Yep! I got canceled from Fox and haven’t been invited back.”

Palin did not elaborate, although it was thought that it was something she said on the May 1 episode of Bollings’ program “The Balance.”

The Daily Beast reported from that episode that Palin said Fox is no longer a conservative news source, but rather is run by “these corporate-owned, woke disconnected elites who call the shots in lamestream media and they look at us as just the peons, just the subjects.”

As evidenced most notably by the still-mysterious firing of former Fox personality Tucker Carlson on April 26th, the network appears to be publicly abandoning its conservative image.

While the size of a network’s viewership may rise and fall over time, Palin argued that Fox was experiencing the decrease it deserved.

“It’s not even economically smart, what they are doing. They’re losing audience, night after night after night …. People just want truth. They want facts,” she explained to Bolling.

Palin is familiar with both the ideal and practical implementations. The rest of the country recognizes her expertise as a result of her 2008 role as running mate for Republican presidential nominee Sen. John McCain.

While Obama and Biden were running for president, McCain and Palin were campaigning against them.

Obama’s campaign was buoyed by mainstream media and celebrity culture’s insatiable appetite for a historic “first” in the presidency: the election of a black man.

Palin’s lower profile made her an easier target for the mainstream media, which made fun of her country accent and assumed she knew little about international issues. Entertainment mainstays like “Saturday Night Live” routinely lampooned her character.

After Trump’s shocking victory against the media’s chosen candidate, Democrat Hillary Clinton, criticizing Trump and his presidency became practically a must for employment at any major network that is not Fox.

Fox isn’t quite as far gone as the rest of the media yet, of course; the network still features conservative stalwarts like Dana Perino, Jesse Watters, and Greg Gutfeld. Nonetheless, Fox has been steadily losing its edge — and its viewer share — in recent years.

The success of Tucker Carlson’s “Tucker on Twitter” and the proliferation of conservative networks like Newsmax demonstrate the power of free markets on television.

If Fox News doesn’t give viewers a reason to stay, they simply won’t.

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