Shocking coverup threatens to derail Biden’s Presidency

karine jean-pierre

The White House is trying to sweep this under the rug. But even their allies want answers.

And this shocking coverup threatens to derail Biden’s Presidency.

With questions coming from the Left and Right about Joe Biden’s ability to serve as president, the White House is playing their cards close to the chest.

Biden’s public appearances are rare, and when he does leave his home, he rarely answers journalists with more than a canned response.

It’s gotten so bad that the White House Press Corps is starting to probe deeper into why exactly it looks like the administration is keeping Biden locked up.

And all hell broke loose at a recent press briefing at the White House.

Members of the White House Press Corps expressed dissatisfaction with the lack of access they had to President Joe Biden.

Several reporters questioned White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre about Biden’s upcoming trip to Ireland and whether or not he planned to accept any of their questions in the near future during Monday’s regular briefing, which included a brief visit from the Easter Bunny.

Gray TV White House correspondent Jon Decker asked Jean-Pierre personally, emphasizing that there were no scheduled press conferences in the US or abroad.

“I represent a news organization that owns 113 television stations. And a question that I’m often asked — and I don’t know the answer to, so I’ll ask you that question: Is the administration trying to protect the president from our questions? Please answer that question if you could,” he asked.

“Absolutely not. Absolutely not,” Jean-Pierre insisted.

Decker persisted on his criticism of the lack of official press conferences, but Jean-Pierre countered, saying, “I mean, the president takes shouted questions.”

“In a formal — in a formal setting,” Decker protested.

“I understand. I have dealt with this question about three times already. I understand it is — it is — it is the job of you all to ask this question to me. Totally get that. And that’s not a problem at all,” Jean-Pierre said, claiming again that Biden had taken many direct questions, but repeating that she did not have any information about upcoming press conferences.

“You recognize — just one last thing. Just to button it up. You recognize that as it relates to prior administrations, the president’s predecessor, President Obama, President George W. Bush — I’ve been here long enough to have covered President Bill Clinton — this is not the norm,” Decker pushed back.

“The norm is we do get an opportunity, ask the questions to the president about domestic and foreign policy issues in a formal setting at some point, and you choose that point. But we haven’t had that opportunity in quite some time.”

Jean-Pierre tried again, saying it was “also unprecedented” that Biden took “as many shouted questions” from reporters as he did.

Decker instantly called her out, stating, “No. I covered the last administration, and I’ll tell you: Almost every day, up until — the November 2020 election, Donald Trump took questions practically every day!”

Jean-Pierre moved on then, dismissing the topic: “I hear you. I hear you on the press conference — on a formal press conference. We get this probably every couple of months when you guys ask us about a formal press conference. I don’t have anything to share with all of you at this time. And — and I’ll just — I’ll just leave it there.”

Later, Fox News anchor Dana Perino chimed in, questioning why the White House Press Corps was even accompanying the president to Ireland if he didn’t intend to let them ask any questions.

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