The Biden admin shut down airlines in Texas for this insane reason

McAllen International Airport

Joe Biden is actively trying to destroy the country. Every policy he puts in place has done more harm than good.

And the Biden administration shut down airlines in Texas for this insane reason.

According to a report from KTSM, a local news outlet in El Paso, Texas, people traveling through McAllen International Airport, are losing their airline seats to asylum-seekers.

Border Patrol agents are on-site to screen in the immigrants’ purchased tickets to make sure that they are not boarding the flights illegally.

The report also detailed how the immigrants are released into the airport by Homeland Security officials, where they then wait for a limited number of seats available on the planes.

Airlines who operate out of McAllen International Airport are now telling passengers to arrive several hours earlier than usual so they don’t lose their seats to these asylum-seekers.

KTSM also noted how an American Airlines spokesperson explained how the airline isn’t even tracking the number of asylum-seekers who are purchasing tickets through the airline.

And U.S. citizens are paying the price for the immigrants who are flying out of the Texas airport.

Joel Cavazos, a 43-year-old man who was flying to Los Angeles with his family, including his 6-month-old daughter, was bumped from his flight on American Airlines last Friday.

He even made it to his flight on time but was still bumped from the flight leading to him missing a business meeting.

“No. They weren’t polite at all. The initial response was, ‘You missed your flight. We gave your ticket to someone else. If you’re not here in time, if you don’t check in within 45 minutes, you lose your flight,'” Cavazos said to KTSM.

“[An American Airlines employee] said, ‘We gave your seat.’ She said we don’t have anymore. We gave it to someone else that was on standby.”

American Airlines didn’t even take his bags off the flight after he was booted from it.

“As a resident of the Rio Grande Valley, there’s been many times that we show up 10 to 15 minutes before the flight,” Cavazos continued.

“There’s usually no one at our airport. You can kind of skim through security as long as you just have your carry-on. You know, the trick is always to not have any checked luggage. AS long as you have your carry-on, you can pretty much make it, has never been a problem.”

Mr. Cavazos has also noticed the uptick in migrants in the airport over the past few years.

“You can tell who’s a migrant and who’s not. They have paperwork. They have little folders. You can tell that they’re not American, per se.”

This is all just a result of Biden’s awful immigration policies.

Hard-working Americans are now suffering because of his inability to close the southern border. They can’t even go to the airport without being negatively affected by the president and his administration’s lack of proper border control.

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