This 9-0 Supreme Court ruling will make Joe Biden lose his mind

Joe Biden

Joe Biden and the Democrats have been losing left and right in the courts. And it’s not over yet.

Because this 9-0 Supreme Court ruling is going to make Joe Biden lose his mind.

Democrats are on the verge of a heart attack because of what has been going on in the Supreme Court recently.

Modern Democrats have never experienced defeat on such a scale before.

Democrats have been inconsolable as one after another of their dictatorial power grabs and unlawful programs have been smashed by the Supreme Court in the four years since former President Donald Trump seized the opportunity to install three Constitutionalist Justices to the Court.

Many commentators have pointed to the 2023 Supreme Court decision that banned preferential treatment of some racial groups in university admissions as the session’s crowning achievement.

Others have suggested that the Supreme Court ruling President Joe Biden’s student loan debt “forgiveness” plan to be unconstitutional was the biggest one so far this season. Especially considering how many Americans were sick to their stomach at the idea of their taxpayer dollars going to a blatant socialist scheme.

The most important Supreme Court decision this year, however, has nothing to do with affirmative action or Biden’s authoritarianism and everything to do with religious freedom.

The Supreme Court’s unanimous decision in Groff v. DeJoy reinforced the First Amendment’s protections for religious liberty, making clear that no employer may discriminate on the basis of an employee’s religion.

For many years, businesses were free to refuse employees’ requests for religious accommodations or even fire them if doing so would result in more than a minimal, or “de minimis,” financial burden.

Christians who observe the Sabbath have found themselves unemployed as a result.

The Supreme Court just ruled last week that businesses can’t refuse to make reasonable accommodations because of the small cost or inconvenience to the business.

The Supreme Court found that employers must make reasonable religious accommodations under Title VII of the United States Constitution unless doing so would “result in substantial increased costs in relation to the conduct of its particular business.”

If you don’t think this is significant, consider that virtually every large company in the United States is mandating that its employees take part in some sort of “Pride Month” event.

As long as the accommodation does not significantly increase the employer’s costs, employees should not worry about being forced to violate their religious belief.

The fact that this is a unanimous ruling is also a seriously big deal.

Even if future Supreme Court Justices want to take a look at this ruling and potentially alter it or even get rid of it altogether, they will have an extremely tough time of doing so because of the fact that it was a 9-0 ruling.

This isn’t like the case of Roe v. Wade which was a ruling that was already on shaky legal legs, even by the admission of liberal lawyers and case experts.

Americans who value religious freedom have reason to celebrate this ruling because it revitalizes the constitutional freedom and liberty of religion we are supposed to have.

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