Trump is on high alert after receiving this threat from a stalker


Being in the public eye can put a target on your back. And Trump is learning that in the worst way possible.

And Trump is on high alert after receiving this threat from a stalker.

Donald Trump is the most polarizing figure in politics today.

There aren’t many people that have a neutral opinion about the man. You either love him or hate him.

And with the strong feelings on both sides, it can lead people to do some crazy things.

You can even be a presidential candidate and do something truly insane.

Former New Jersey Republican Governor Chris Christie has threatened to follow former President Donald Trump around the country if he continues to avoid the GOP primary debates.

Christie made the statements during a Sunday interview with Fox News’ Howard Kurtz on “Media Buzz.”

“But did Trump defuse your strategy of going toe-to-toe with him by staying off the debate stage and saying since he’s gotten a big lead nationally in the national polls, that he is not going to do any of the debates?” Kurtz inquired.

Christie responded, “Well, if he doesn’t do any of the debates, Howie, you know, we’re gonna give him another chance. I’m sure he’s not coming to the Reagan debate. We’ll give him another chance in Alabama. But if he doesn’t come there, then I’m going to follow him around the country. Wherever he goes, I’ll go. And we’ll wind up talking to each other one way or the other. And he knows that’s true.”

“You’re going to change your travel schedule to go where Trump goes?” Kurtz inquired.

“You bet,” Christie said.


Having a presidential candidate openly admit that they will stalk a competitor is certainly a first.

It’s things like this that are a major reason why Christie is polling at a dismal 3.7 percent on average.

The 77-year-old former president declared late last month that he would not participate in the Republican Party primary debates, although it was unclear whether he meant all future debates or simply the first two.

Trump declared at the time, citing a CBS News survey showing his advantage over the other contenders in national polls, “I WILL THEREFORE NOT BE DOING THE DEBATES!”

Earlier in the day, RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel stated that she is “still holding out hope that [former] President Trump will come” since it is “so important that the American people hear from all the candidates.”

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