Vice President Harris had a meltdown on live TV over the 2024 election

kamala harris

Kamala Harris’ political prowess is nonexistent. She’s easily one of the worst VPs in American history.

And Vice President Harris had a meltdown on live TV over the 2024 election.

Polls are starting to become dominant talking points in the news as the 2024 election is about a year away.

And for Democrats, a lot of these polls are the last thing they want to see.

That includes Vice President Kamala Harris, who was asked on an episode of CBS’ 60 Minutes, about a poll on her and Joe Biden’s popularity.

“A recent CBS poll found that at the beginning of President Biden’s term, 70 percent of young people, people under 30, said he was doin’ a good job. Now it’s less than 50 percent. Why is that? What’s going on?,” Bill Whitaker, the interviewer asked.

As usual, Harris answered the only way she could, and that’s by not answering the question at all and instead formulating a word salad.

“If you poll how young people feel about the climate, and the warming of our planet it polls as one of their top concerns. When we talk about what we are doing with student loan debt, polls very high,” the VP rambled.

“The challenge that we have as an administration is we gotta let people know who brung it to ’em. That’s our challenge. But it is not that the work we are doing is not very, very popular with a lot of people.”

Harris’ inability to answer a question without sounding completely lost, rivals her 80-year-old running mate, President Joe Biden.

And it’s likely why her popularity is so low and why she and the rest of the Democrats are fearing they might lose the presidential election next year.

A CBS News Poll shows that Democrat voters are less “enthusiastic” over Kamala Harris being Biden’s running mate compared to 2020.

Specifically, Democrat voters are now only 30% “enthusiastic” as opposed to 50% in 2020.

It’s not hard to imagine why, when Harris, over 20 years younger than Biden, makes almost the same amount of gaffes he does.

She’s also failed at solving the illegal immigration crisis at the southern border after President Biden deemed her as Border Czar.

Perhaps the White House should try the same tactic they used for Biden in the 2020 election cycle.

And that’s hiding her away so she can’t spout off nonsense in interviews.

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