A former Democrat heavyweight went on CNN and completely betrayed the Left

James Carville

The Democrat Party is hemorrhaging support. Even their own members are starting to call out their antics.

And now a former Democrat heavyweight went on CNN and completely betrayed the Left.

The average American cares that our nation is being invaded by millions at the southern border.

They care that their paycheck is progressively paying for fewer and fewer groceries and gallons of gas.

They care about reducing government red tape on healthcare and bringing the big whigs in Washington, D.C. to justice.

But what does the Democrat Party push? Not just antithetical ideas, but they also push completely deranged ideas that were dreamed up by the space cadets leading their party.

Well, not every Democrat is willing to play ball with this game plan.

On Tuesday, a CNN panel comprising former White House communications director and network political commentator Kate Bedingfield slammed Democratic political consultant James Carville for trashing the party’s messaging ahead of the 2024 presidential election.

Carville claimed that Democrats’ messaging on issues like as student loans and the hardship of Gazans was “full of s—” and was costing the party support among young people and minorities.

The panel chastised the former aide to President Bill Clinton for being overly disrespectful.

“Let’s hear something constructive,” Bedingfield stated. Her reply came after CNN journalist Kasie Hunt played Carville’s remarks during the segment.

Carville made the comments Saturday on his Politicon program.

“We keep wondering why these young people aren’t coming home to the Democrats,” Carville said. “Why are Blacks not coming home to the Democrats? Because Democrat messaging is full of s—, that’s why!”

“Don’t talk about f—— Gaza and student loans!” he also said.

CNN legal analyst Elliot Williams quipped that CNN had edited out a section of the video where the strategist said, “Get off my lawn.” However, Bedingfield expressed her desire for something more positive from Carville.

“OK, Mr. Carville, let’s hear your thoughts then. Let’s hear something constructive,” she commanded. “If you want to see Democrats be successful, what are your thoughts on what Democrats should be saying?”

Hunt interrupted the pundit, adding that Carville had advised Democrats to discuss the expense of living.

Bedingfield remained doubtful.

“I just think – you know, look, obviously absolutely everybody has a right to criticize,” she said. “Obviously, James Carville has tremendous political experience. I would welcome his constructive thoughts on what the Democrats should be doing better.”

“I‘m not sure that, you know, shouting, effectively, ‘Get off my lawn’ is helpful,” the former White House staffer added.

Carville has become increasingly critical of Democrats’ electoral tactics.

“It’s horrifying, our numbers among younger voters, particularly younger Blacks, younger Latinos … younger people of color, particularly males,” he stated in a podcast last month.

In April, Carville slammed the party’s far-left factions, telling New York Times opinion columnist Maureen Dowd that wokeness is “a giant, stupid argument” being pushed by “too many preachy females” in the party.

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