A leading Democrat made an all-time blunder that they’ll never live down

Adam Schiff

The Left knows how to embarrass themselves. But what this politician did might be the worst example of that yet.

And a leading Democrat made an all-time blunder that they’ll never live down.

The U.S. House of Representatives has been experiencing quite the roller coaster ride after the ousting of Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) as House Speaker and the subsequent process of finding his replacement.

Currently, Rep. Jim Jordan is the leading nominee for the gavel, although, at the time this article was written, he has failed to obtain enough votes to win the speakership in the first round of voting.

Democrats are terrified of the prospect of Jordan becoming the next House Speaker, with many of them believing he is a “MAGA” extremist. Former President Donald Trump endorsing Jordan enhances this insane view by the Left.

Of those Democrats, is Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA).

On the social media platform, X (formerly Twitter) the Congressman made a false statement about what would happen if Jordan were to become Speaker of the House.

The post was so false in fact, that the Community Notes feature on X (a fact-checking service) provided context below the post to show just how wrong Schiff was.

“Today, Republicans may make Jim Jordan the Speaker. Jordan would preside over the counting of electoral votes in the next election. After he was deeply involved in trying to overturn the last one. Just when you think they can’t be more irresponsible, they prove you wrong,” Rep. Schiff’s post on X said.

“The vice president, not the speaker, presides over counting of electoral college votes; and whoever is chose as speaker in Oct. 2023 will only be speaker during the 1/6/25 electoral count if House Rs retain majority in Nov. 2024,” said the Community Notes’ response.

Predictably, Schiff got torched on X for his misinformed post.

“Schiff doesn’t know how elections work,” said one user.

“Adam knows what he’s saying isn’t true. He just thinks his followers are dumb enough to believe him,” said another user.

Congressman Schiff’s uneducated view or his blatant attempt at lying with this issue isn’t surprising at all.

He is a Democrat Representative from California after all.

But what’s scary is that there are thousands of people in the Golden State who will gladly pull the lever for him despite his many intellectual flaws.

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