Barack Obama’s ties to this disturbing scandal exposed in bombshell report

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Democrats want you to believe that former President Obama is the most clean-cut politician of all time. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

And Barack Obama’s ties to this disturbing scandal are exposed in a bombshell report.

After Hamas’ unhinged attack on Israel on October 7, anti-Semitic students have been flooding America’s college campuses to denounce the Jewish nation.

Harvard University is one of the most notable schools to have antisemitism present on it’s campus in the wake of the Hamas terrorist attacks.

President of the university, Claudine Gay, has come under fire for her failed response to the hatred that has made it’s way to the school.

Earlier this month, Gay testified in front of the House Education and Workforce Committee.

During her testimony, she refused to say whether it’s right or not to call for the genocide of Jews.

Obviously, she was met with a large amount of criticism for her non-answer, including calls for her resignation as the university’s president.

Gay has also been accused of plagiarism multiple times through her career, which is adding more heat to the calls for her to resign.

But despite the criticism she’s receiving, former President Barack Obama has privately tried to get other Harvard University leaders to stick with Gay as the school’s president.

Obama graduated from Harvard’s law school in 1991 which is likely why he’s taking a stand to support Gay.

And even after her failed testimony where she refused to condemn forms of antisemitism on Harvard’s campus, Obama reportedly still tried to keep her in power.

“It sounded like people were being asked to close ranks to keep the broader administration stable – including its composition,” one source said of Obama’s efforts to help Gay.

So far it’s uncertain whether the former president is working to continue supporting President Gay after her plagiarism accusations surfaced.

“I stand by the integrity of my scholarship. Throughout my career, I have worked to ensure my scholarship adheres to the highest academic standards,” Gay said to the Boston Globe of the allegations.

Will Democrats call out Obama’s support of the failed leadership of President Gay?

Probably not.

In fact, they will likely try to praise his loyalty to his alma mater.

But unbiased individuals see right through and understand that this is yet another circumstance of Barack Obama involving himself in a disgusting scandal.

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