Biden’s Defense Secretary has more secrets to hide after latest meeting

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin is in a world of trouble. His secrets are starting to become uncovered.

And Biden’s Defense Secretary has more secrets to hide after his latest meeting.

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin had a health scare earlier this month that left him hospitalized.

Austin had a procedure in December for prostate cancer and as a result suffered a complication that sent him to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on January 1.

The secretary then transferred over his power to Deputy Secretary Kathleen Hicks.

But it wasn’t until January 4 that Hicks, the White House and the Pentagon found out about his hospitalization.

This caused a massive uproar from both Democrats and Republicans who called for Austin to resign for failing to let anyone know that he was undergoing a health emergency that left him in the hospital.

And now after meeting with the Ukraine Contact Group virtually from his home on Tuesday, Austin seemed to keep the incident under wraps yet again.

Instead of telling those present at the meeting about his recent health concerns, he skipped over his prewritten statement about the situation entirely.

“As you can tell, I’m joining from home today,” was what the remarks Austin was supposed to say, read.

“I’m feeling good and looking forward to being back at the Pentagon very soon. And I’m grateful for all of your warm wishes.”

“We’re eager to enter this new year with new energy,” Austin said instead.

“We’re all here to reaffirm our support for a free, secure and sovereign Ukraine and to ensure that we continue to get Ukraine the capabilities that it needs for the winter and beyond.”

One would think that Austin would at least try and acknowledge the health scare, as well as perhaps even make an apology for keeping it such a secret.

But that’s too much to ask of someone in the Biden administration.

In fact, it’s typical behavior of members of the Biden White House.

Instead of being transparent and open with the American people, they have to lie and avoid confrontation when they’re called out for their wrongs.

But that isn’t anything to be surprised at based off who their commander-in-chief is.

Hopefully the next presidential administration will provide more integrity than what is being given from the current one.

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