President Biden was exposed in an appalling video involving a child

joe biden

There’s nothing more uncomfortable than how Biden interacts with children. He can’t help but come across as creepy as possible.

And President Biden was exposed in an appalling video involving a child.

While campaigning in the state of Arizona on Tuesday night, Joe Biden decided to stop what he was doing while being introduced on stage so that he could go and meet with a baby in the audience.

“Well folks, I have to tell you straight up… I like you all, but I couldn’t resist that baby,” he said to the small crowd at the Mexican diner in Phoenix.

According to the New York Post, Julie Chave Rodriguez, Biden’s campaign manager, was introducing Biden to the attendees for about a minute before he got distracted by the infant.

He then made faces at the baby and whispered “How old?” to it’s mother as Rodriquez continued with her introduction.

Biden continued to talk with the baby and the mother while making silly faces to try and make the baby laugh.

The entire sequence was rather odd, as the president yet again proves that he’s unable to be in public without being perceived as awkward or confused.


Biden has said in the past that he likes “babies better than people” and has had some other strange moments with young children.

Last year he nibbled on the shoulder of a young girl and then tried to give her a kiss before she pulled away from him.

As for the president’s trip to Arizona, his goal was to try and increase his popularity among Hispanic voters.

Arizona is also a battleground state that former President Donald Trump could very well win this November.

If Biden is to have any chance at carrying the state again like he did in 2020, he’ll have to perform well with the Hispanic voting base.

But if he continues to wander off stage, whether it’s to interact with a baby or other audience members, that might be a bad look for him.

Does anyone really want a president who’s so easily distracted by babies that he can’t stay focused on the task at hand?

That’s not to mention that when he does interact with these young children he usually acts like a creepy old man.

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